It’s been another big fortnight for our Digital Cheer Squad implementations, with a number of giveaways and as always examples of tremendous fan support. We’re here to take you through the highlights from the last 14 days.

The Swoop 3-Day Frenzy

Ahead of West Coast’s round 14 clash with Essendon, the team held a 3-Day Frenzy which saw a series of competitions over consecutive days that rewarded fans for specific social media activity. On Tuesday, #TheSwoop three fans the opportunity to take home a signed West Coast cap signed by Nic Naitanui, simply by commenting on a West coast Eagles Facebook post.

Wednesday’s competition required fans to tweet in a question for the West Coast Eagles podcast, with the lucky winners earning themselves a team flag signed by one of Dean Cox, Nic Naitauni or Josh Hill. On the final day of giveaways, fans had to accumulate 2500 #TheSwoop points through active engagement with Eagles team and player accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Only then could they be in the draw to win a double pass to the game against the Bombers. Congratulations to all #TheSwoop winners!

Did you know?

  • #TheSwoop fans have liked over 1000 West Coast Eagles posts on Facebook.
  • #TheSwoop fans have used the #goeagles hashtag over 1600 times on Twitter and over 100 times on Facebook.
  • On average #TheSwoop fans who have connected on Facebook have earned 2,064 points.

Cowboys and Rabbitohs fans fire up for #Origin

It’s been a big couple of weeks for both our NRL Digital Cheer Squad implementations. Particularly given the enthusiasm surrounding the biggest series on the Australian sporting calendar; the State of Origin as was discussed on Episode 8 of the Sports Geek podcast.

Both Cowboys and Rabbitohs fans were encouraged to Tweet and post to Facebook about their representatives in the series, using #origin themed hashtags:

Encouraging #CowboysSocialClub fans to get involved in the #origin hashtag

Encouraging #SouthSydneyCentral fans to get around #Origin on Facebook & Twitter

Interestingly, #CowboysSocialClub fans used the #qlder hashtag three times more than the #queenslander equivalent when it came to tweets and Facebook posts. The #UpTheBlues hashtag was well received by #SouthSydneySocial fans too, with 170 uses. Remember, as Sean discussed in Episode 6 of the Sports Geek Podcast, that you can now use hashtags on Facebook to group conversations and content, and doing so may even get some extra points added to your Digital Cheer Squad score.

Rabbitohs Fan of the Week

#SouthSydneySocial have also endorsed the ‘Fan of the Week' concept that in addition to highlighting the efforts of a passionate fan, also encourages engagement amongst fellow supporters.

True Blue HQ fans embrace Twitter chats

@BluesRugbyTeam held a Twitter Chat that invited #TrueBlueHQ fans to tweet in about recent results, upcoming fixtures, the team's playoff chances and even the prospect of Benji Marshall joining the squad.

#TrueBlueHQ Twitter Chat - Question 5

Did You Know?

  • The #trueblue hashtag has been used by #TrueBlueHQ fans over 2200 times.
  • #TrueBlueHQ fans have liked over 1250 Blues Facebook posts.
  • Six #TrueBlueHQ fans have over 10,000 points.

Crows Core fans up for a chat

Congratulations to veteran Graham Johncock who announced his retirement from the club this week.  However, that wasn't the only thing the Crows did off the field recently.  Similarly to the Blues, the @Adelaide_FC account held their regular #CrowsChat Twitter Chat (with #CrowsCore fans scoring points for joining in), giving away a Crows cap signed by Rising Star nominee Brad Crouch:

We loved this sign-off by the @Adelaide_FC account too:

Did You Know?

  • #CrowsCore fans have retweeted @Adelaide_FC over 1500 times recently.
  • #CrowsCore fans have used the #gocrows hashtag over 4,200 times on Twitter, and over 110 times on Facebook.

Until next time, may all your hashtags be trending.