In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Tuesday 11th February 2014

What @SportsGeek reads…

AO Blitz helped Tennis Australia connect whole towns behind the Australian Open to play tennisNBA star creates buzz with his popular Twitter scavenger hunt – Golden State Warriors' social media savvy Harrison Barnes

What the AFL can learn from the NFL

How NFL fans used Wi-fi at the Super Bowl

Email is the new black

“Why I was wrong about Twitter”, converting a non believer

Moving the goal posts – Variable pricing comes to the NFL

MLB to reportedly have thousands of iBeacons ready for game day

The ten best ads of Super Bowl XLVIII

Apple TV saddles up Red Bull digital network

Did Twitter just predict its own decline?

The big list of 100 tools, tips and tricks to work more efficiently online

Infographic Friday: Super Bowl insights

Facebook Look Back video – Walter White version

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