In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Wednesday 30th July 2014

Relief after getting through SEAT Welcome Address without my voiceWhat @SportsGeek reads…..

Why LeBron can't go home again – great article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

New San Francisco 49ers stadium is a geek heaven

These jerseys look awful but no doubt the fans will love them – The first ever selfie jerseys are here!

Study: Mobile users who engage with fans use Facebook most

Understanding the expectations of a 21st century fan

Foursquare rebrands, unveils new app and logo

Introducing Save on Facebook

Some wise words from Ray Allen on what athletes deal with from fans on his instagram account

So you're not up at 5am to work? What's wrong with you? NothingGreat post

This. Is. Awesome. Here is Frank Caliendo as Morgan Freeman reading the LeBron letter