It's a radically different world from just a few short months ago, and the sports industry is now faced with enormous challenges from COVID-19 (as discussed on this podcast episode). We have been asking sports executives what questions are the most pressing for them.

  1. Are rights holders, broadcasters or teams most at risk?
  2. How have broadcasts and social media coverage changed with the sports that have restarted?
  3. How have some countries, such as Taiwan, successfully brought back sports?
  4. Will the big industry players bounce back better because they are able to weather the storm?
  5. Will the government provide financial assistance to small and large clubs for renovations during this time?
  6. Will venues be requiring safety measures such as masks, gloves, temp checks, etc?
  7. How do venues let sports fans know they're safe?  What is the comms plan?
  8. Is there a way to make social distancing at venues fun?
  9. Is it possible to reduce interaction without reducing attendance?
  10. What methods of stadium ingress and egress allow for social distancing?
  11. Would a General Admission (self monitored) sales approach, or a spatially placed reserved seating system be more effective for social distancing?
  12. Could a full concierge service be a financially viable replacement for some of the self-serve offerings at venues if enough people would be willing to pay a premium?
  13. How much contactless payment, ticketing and interaction will be possible?
  14. Could a COVID Passport be useful at sports events?  Is it legal?
  15. How should you address fans who refuse to wear a mask after a couple drinks, and complaints by fans about those who may be coughing frequently in their section?
  16. Is this the end of the paper ticket?
  17. Will there be other obstacles to filling venues besides health issues?
  18. Will the value of the sports events industry go down?
  19. How can stadiums survive financially with no fans?
  20. How can stadiums and arenas survive when they have to maintain facilities while no events are being held?
  21. What kind of new events can replace canceled sports events?
  22. Is there any way to monetize the additional space in stadiums such as virtual signage?
  23. How will coverage be different if there are no fans in the stands?
  24. How can clubs best keep member revenue and offer unique experience in the 2020 season?
  25. Are the days of stadiums with 90,000 people a thing of the past?
  26. How can mobile tech help enhance fan experience post-COVID?
  27. How is mobile going to aid teams/venues getting fans safely back into live events?
  28. How can sports teams and organizations leverage content, virtual gaming and player/fan engagement to keep people interested?
  29. What is the best way to engage and monetize with fans at home through mobile?
  30. What's the best way to make the case for tech investment to senior management in sports organizations?
  31. Will we see more mobile functions for the stadium visit – F&B ordering, ticketing, entry time booking?
  32. What are some of the key technologies that would be critical post COVID-19?
  33. What is the most talked about or sought after feature that a mobile app can bring to fans for a home to stadium experience?
  34. What live data can be provided to fans through mobile devices to enhance fan engagement when live sports returns?
  35. What role does social media play in enhancing this new game day experience?
  36. How will COVID-19 affect how much sponsorship is given?
  37. What compromises will sponsors be willing to make for the loss of exposure, and how are rights holders making up the loss in exposure?
  38. What do brands want to see in terms of sponsorship renewal or new business pitches?
  39. What sponsor categories will be of most interest going forward?
  40. how do you provide current sponsors with added value?
  41. How do you keep good communication with partners and investors when you have nothing to share?
  42. What is the best way of renewing (or attracting new) partners in the current environment?
  43. What is the most effective way to engage fans and provide creative content that will drive traffic?
  44. How do you engage fans at home when live sport returns but there are no crowds?
  45. What can you do for fans who want to enjoy the social side of attending a match, when they can't go to a stadium?
  46. What will be the impact on grassroots sports when sports can return?
  47. How will local sports be impacted if there is no season in 2020?
  48. What will be the long term impact of disruption to children missing out playing sport?
  49. How will sports deliver at 2019 levels with expected reduced staffing levels post-COVID?
  50. How can I get answers to these questions?  Contact Us

How can I get answers to these questions?

In the past 10 weeks Sean Callanan has hosted 19 #SportsBizZoom calls where we tackle questions like these which you no doubt are facing as well.  We don’t have all the answers but we are finding and sharing solutions as a group with a wide range of people across sports industry working together.  

Who attends #SportsBizZoom calls?

Over 300 attendees from Australia, USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, France, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Russia and Moldova that work across multiple areas of sport including digital, CRM, sponsorship, stadiums, grassroots, community, ticketing, law and venues.

Several Sports Geek podcast guests have attended multiple #SportsBizZoom calls sharing insight and contributing to the conversation.

Here is a sample of the attendees from Sean Callanan's Linkedin feed on recent topics:

What to expect on a #SportsBizZoom call?

  • Welcome  (5 mins) Get ready to say hello as a newcomer and tell us about yourself.
  • Networking Breakout (10 mins)  Mingle & meet a small group to discuss today’s topic
  • Group Discussion (40 mins)  Facilitated discussion by Sean Callanan on the weekly topic
  • Recommendations (5 mins) Collective book list – share what you are reading with the group

When is the next #SportsBizZoom call?

Twice weekly to cater for sports business executives around the world.

  • Tuesdays 8pm AEST (12pm CEST for Europe)
  • Wednesdays 10AM AEST (5pm PST for North America)

Topics of discussion change on a weekly basis, you need to RSVP each week and we'll send you the Zoom link for that week, here is what is coming up:

  • June 2/3 – Digital
  • June 9/10 – CRM/Data

Please book your spot and add your question up for discussion.

How can I join a #SportsBizZoom call?

If you work at a team, league or sports organisation please join us, you can RSVP here –

If you are a vendor or consultant to the world of sports you are welcome to attend and we would appreciate you becoming a Sports Geek Patreon supporter to support our efforts in coordinating and moderating these calls for the sports industry.  We ask to refrain from selling or prospecting on the call.

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