Connecting sports business executives around the world


At Sports Geek our goal is to connect sports, fans & sponsors.

Right now as an industry we need to stay connected.

Each week we are hosting twice weekly Zoom calls to share problems & solutions to help us all.

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#SportsBiz Zoom calls


We have been refining the #sportsBiz Zoom calls format from general discussion to a facilitated discussion lead by Sean Callanan. This is not a webinar, this is a conversation with your peers get ready to get involved with questions and solutions.

Twice weekly to cater for #sportsbiz executives around the world.

  • Tuesdays 8pm AEST (12pm CEST for Europe)
  • Wednesdays 10AM AEST (5pm PST for North America)

Topics will change weekly, here is what is coming up.
Please attend even if the topic isn't in your role, the wide discussion is what is making these calls so valuable!)

  • May 19/20 - Mobile
  • May 26/27 - Grassroots Sports
  • June 2/3 - Digital
  • June 9/10 - CRM/Data
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Why are we doing this?

EVERYONE has been affected by COVID-19.

Sports industry is hurting.

But we will fight back.

The fans will return to the stands.

We are in this together and we will be ready.

Listen to this podcast on why Sean Callanan thinks sports will bounce back post COVID-19

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