Connecting sports business executives around the world


At Sports Geek our goal is to connect sports, fans & sponsors.

Right now as an industry we need to stay connected.

Each week in 2020 we hosted twice weekly Zoom calls to share problems & solutions to help us all.

#SportsBiz Zoom calls


For 2021 we'll be hosting #SportsBizZoom calls on 2nd Wednesday of every month.

  • Wednesdays 10AM AEST (Tuesdays 4pm PST for North America)

When you book Calendly will detect your timezone.

Topics we have covered in 2020 include Digital, Sponsorship, Media, CRM, Stadiums, Esports & Grassroots Sports. Watch #SportsBizZoom replays as a Patreon supporter.

For now, #SportsBizZoom calls are on pause, hopefully like pandemics.

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This is not a webinar, this is a conversation with your peers get ready to get involved with questions and solutions.

Here is the format #SportsBizZoom calls, a facilitated discussion lead by Sean Callanan:

  • Welcome & Intros - welcome newcomers to the call
  • Networking Breakout - meetup in smaller breakout rooms
  • Group Discussion - tackle questions and issues in ticketing & membership
  • Wrap up & recommended reads - share books & podcasts you are reading <-- THIS Bring a book to share!

Join the open and honest conversations on #SportsBizZoom calls much like those that happen at networking events that we all miss so much.

#SportsBizZoom call attendees


If you work in sports for a league, team, stadium, sports organisation you are more than qualified and welcome to attend.

Over 500 sports business executives have joined a #SportsBizZoom call since we started them in April, here is a profile of why people attend and who they are:

  • Topic Driven - drawn in via the topic to share and learn from others. eg CRM & Data folk attended data & ticketing topics
  • Learners & Networkers - executives looking to broaden knowledge during this period, they turn up each week to learn & network.
  • Podcast Guests - each week Sean will invite Sports Geek podcast guests that can contribute to the conversation
  • Leagues & Teams - attendees across major USA leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS) , European football (EPL, La Liga) and Australian/NZ sports scene (AFL, NRL, Cricket, NBL, Netball and more)

Want to know who attends each week? Follow Sean Callanan on LinkedIn for weekly posts welcoming new executives to #SportsBizZoom calls.


As games start to return and in some lucky parts of the world fans return to stadiums the sports business industry is getting back to work. This is AWESOME!

The downside is we have been getting people apologising as they can't attend #SportsBizZoom calls they would like to due to being too busy at work.

From July 28 we will be offering replays of both calls each week exclusively to our Sports Geek Patreon subscribers. If you miss a session due to work (or timezone doesn't work for you) you'll be able to watch them back via Sports Geek Patreon.


EVERYONE has been affected by COVID-19.

Sports industry is hurting.

But we will fight back.

The fans will return to the stands.

We are in this together and we will be ready.

Listen to this podcast on why Sean Callanan thinks sports will bounce back post COVID-19

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