#Digibattle results @BrisbaneLions Vs @WestCoastEagles using @DigiCheerSquad

As previewed last week the Lions took on the Eagles in an online fan battle.

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Lions Preview: Lions fire up the Digital Pride, find the Lions on Facebook and on Twitter @BrisbaneLions

See their Digital Cheer Squad in action Brisbane Lions with Digital Pride

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Eagle Preview: Eagles call for Swoopers, find the Eagles on Facebook and Twitter @WestCoastEagles

West Coast Eagles with The Swoop have developed strong digital cheer squads using Sports DP.

Tune in for the #DigiBattle results show

The battle was scored over five categories using analytics from Facebook, Twitter & stats from Sports DP.

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Video Transcription

Welcome, my name is Sean Callanan. Here we are looking at the digibattle between the Brisbane Lions and the West Coast Eagles. What I want to take you through here is how we came up with digibattle, how we measured it, and how we used different tools to measure the results from the digibattle.
First of all, a little background on how we’re going to run the digibattle. The digibattle is run within Sports DP. Sports DP in 140 characters grades our fan social media activity based on the support they show for your team, so we’re able to develop rules specifically for the Brisbane Lions fans and for the West Coast Eagles fans to encourage their fans to be better fans of the team, and we do that by scoring their activity on both Facebook and Twitter.
Let’s have a look at the teams as they stand so far. First of all, the West Coast Eagles rolled out the Swoop in last year’s final series. They currently have a whole bunch of fans in there creating a lot of activity. This site is available on the West Coast Eagles’ site so it’s embedded into their page, and they just recently, the Brisbane Lions also rolled out a version of Sports DP and they named it Digital Pride.
So we’re going to look at the stats that came out of the results both of the Swoop and the Digital Pride. Let’s have a look at how they match up in Facebook and Twitter.

West Coast Eagles way out in front, smashed through the 100,000 Facebook fan barrier earlier this year. The Brisbane Lions are just starting to develop their fan base, and were just lucky enough to, only a couple of weeks ago, get passed the 50,000 barrier, but what we do is we actually do adjust the posts to make sure this is a fair fight.

On the Twitter side of things, again the Eagles have been pushing their social media platforms a little bit longer than the Brisbane Lions and as such they have over 15,000 Twitter followers. The Lions growing steadily at nearly 9,000 Twitter followers.

So let’s have a look at what we measured and what were the key criteria for the digibattle. The first one was measuring the fan participation inside the Sports DP platform, and what we saw over the weekend was a big increase in fan activity where fans were tweeting more, retweeting more, liking a lot more activity on Facebook, sharing posts, sharing content, and liking posts on Facebook.

The win this weekend has to go to the Brisbane Lions. They saw a 7.97 percent increase in the points per fan. The Eagles, their activity was also up, up to 5 percent, but the win for this category has to go to the Brisbane Lions, as their fans became more active over the weekend.

Our second criteria was Facebook pregame likes, and this was a comprehensive win to the West Coast Eagles where they got 3,612 likes on their pregame posts. The Brisbane Lions only got 323. We adjusted that to match the two Facebook numbers, but the Brisbane Lions have only been using the pregame posts in the last four weeks, so it was a decided advantage for the West Coast Eagles. The West Coast Eagles fans know how to really rally around that post before the game, and a comprehensive win there for the West Coast Eagles.

Next we pit the Facebook mascots against one another with Bernie Vegas and Rick the Rock, both having Facebook pages, so what we did is we developed a rule inside Sports DP to encourage the fans of West Coast and of the Brisbane Lions to also like their mascot. And the results out of Sports DP see that 9 percent of Rick the Rocks’ fan base actually comes from Sports DP, and even though the Brisbane Lions’ fans have only been on the Digital Pride for only three weeks, 6.74 of the fans for Bernie have actually come from Sports DP. And what we will see is we’ll see the engagement with those mascot pages grow over time.

The West Coast Eagles’ Rick the Rock page, for instance, average of ten engagement actions per fan via the fans that are connected via Sports DP, so they’re really providing a lot of engagement for what really is a niche Facebook page for the West Coast Eagles. So Rick the Rock gets the win in this category.

The next thing we looked at was Twitter and how we were measuring the specific team hashtags. So for the Lions it’s #golions and for the Eagles it’s #goeagles. Very simple, uncomplicated game day hashtags that pretty much reflect what the fans are yelling out in the stands. We ran a tweet-reach report over the tweets for the weekend. We saw that 588 West Coast Eagles’ fans tweeted #goeagles, and we saw that 465 Lions fans tweeted #golions.
And so it was very important to see, one, that there were more fans doing it. I think that’s more important than the actual number of tweets because you can get one or two people that do a lot of tweets and if you’re effectively just counting tweets it’s not a fair indication of your base.

So when we look at that fan base compared to their number of followers we see that the Brisbane Lions get the win with over 5 percent of their fan base contributing over the weekend to the hashtag #golions, with the Eagles at around 4 percent.

What was interesting though is inside Sports DP both were over 35 percent in the amount of fans that were active in Sports DP using the hashtags. So we can see that Sports DP is developing that digital cheer squad and is alerting more fans to be using the game day hashtag.

But from a Twitter battle, the Brisbane Lions get the win, and they would’ve been encouraged with the two point victory, which would’ve probably sparked a few more people tweeting after such a big win like that.

And the last one that we were encouraging in Sports DP is to encourage the fans to retweet and amplify the team account, and so from the stats from Sports DP we had 131 fans from the West Coast Eagles retweeting West Coast Eagles tweets over the weekend, and we had 60 of the Brisbane Lions fans retweeting the Brisbane Lions accounts over the weekend.

Now, again, as a percentage of the amount of fans that are in Lions Pride and that are in the Swoop we give the victory to the Brisbane Lions because one in four people that have scored their tweets and scored their Facebook actions in Sports DP, one in four of those started retweeting the Brisbane Lions, and this was definitely a cross-correction behavior. When we first did the initial stats of the Brisbane Lions Twitter account, the fans weren’t retweeting the Brisbane Lions at all. There were a lot of replies. There were mentions obviously of the Brisbane Lions, but they weren’t really amplifying the Brisbane Lions account. So there were some technical changes in the voice and the way that the posts were put up on the Brisbane Lions’ Twitter account to make them more retweetable. And again with a big victory comes lots of retweets, and the Brisbane Lions were lucky enough to have their largest retweeted tweets over the weekend, which again would’ve contributed to the win in this battle. But 25 percent of the fans in Sports DP had retweeted Brisbane Lions, and nearly 20 percent of the fans in the West Coast Eagles the Swoop retweeted the West Coast Eagles.

So our final tally, much like the game itself, was a three-two split, with the Brisbane Lions getting a close victory and taking the points in the digibattle. We look forward to seeing how the fans continue to engage with the Brisbane Lions and the West Coast Eagles in Digital Pride and the Swoop.

If you want any more information about Sports DP, about how to turn your fans into a band of evangelists, a brand of evangelists, even, and how to drive your fans to social actions, get them to do what you want them to do, and what you can do with Sports DP to develop that digital cheer squad to promote your team, get your message out there, and train your fans in the actions that you want them to do. The fans love seeing their names in lights, especially their ranking back on your websites, so it always drives traffic back and allows you to now run social promotions to get your fans to be the key drivers for those social promotions, which sponsors love. It obviously builds your talking about these numbers in Facebook and does have the ability to connect your sponsors to that digital fan base when we can roll out a sponsored rule to ask the fans to like or promote a sponsor promotion that you’re trying to do with a simple tweet or a Facebook share.

If you want any more information, please give me a call. You can tweet me @seancallanan or go to sportsgeekhq and fill in the contact form or check out sportsdigitalpassion.com for any more information.

Congratulations to the Brisbane Lions for the win in the digibattle, and I look forward to our next digibattle using Sports DP.

As discussed on Harf Time

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Podcast transcription

TONY: That time of a Wednesday afternoon where Harf normally catches up with Sean Callanan, but I get to talk to the Sports Geek today @SportsGeekHQ on Twitter. Good day, Sean.

SEAN: Good day Schibecs

TONY: How’s it all going buddy?

SEAN: It’s good, keeping busy, keeping the fans engaged on both Facebook and Twitter. It’s been fun.

TONY: Take us through the little thing that you did for Brisbane and West Coast.

SEAN: Yeah, well, it was an absolutely great game and a great call by the guys at SEN. I was actually listening to the end of it, but what we did was we did a bit of a battle between the fans of both Brisbane and West Coast Eagles. They both got implementations of Sports DP, which we developed. It ranks all the fans and what they do from a social activity point of view, so the Lions have Lions Pride and the Eagles have their implementation called the Swoop.
And so what we did is we started to rank the fans on the actions that they were doing and sort of put them in a bit of a battle to say who’s going to win the online battle? The on-field battle is between the 22 blokes but who’s going to win the battle off the field?
And it was a bit of an unfair fight. You see there’re the numbers. The Eagles way out in front as far as Facebook fans and Twitter followers, so we did a bit of handicapping at Sports Geek and came out with some really great numbers. The fans, all their scores in Sports DP, all rows across the board for both teams, the Brisbane Lions were just in front, and I think that was maybe the fervor that they had after the win with people re-tweeting and on top of that it was Brownie’s 100th game as captain, so they were all up and about.
We also scored them on the Facebook fans liking the pregame post, so it’s pretty much, ‘Hey, guys do you think we’ll win.’ And West Coast Eagles guys have been doing it for 12 months so they just completely smashed that category and were way out in front, but what we also did was we put up the mascots in a digibattle because both Rick the Rock for the Eagles and Bernie Gabba Vegas, both have a Facebook page, so it’s a much smaller segment of their fan base that most of the fans don’t know about, and so we use Sports DP to direct the fans there to say, ‘C’mon, lift the engagement’ and effectively using their Mascots as a cheerleader, which is what they are at the stadium, but doing it on an online perspective and…

TONY: Bernie won?

SEAN: No, Rick the Rock won with 10 percent of his fan base actually coming from the Swoop, so Rick was pretty pumped with that, to get a win there, and then we took it onto Twitter and had a battle of the hashtags with #golions and #goeagles and that was one where the Brisbane Lions got up in front on the hashtags, and again, I think they were lucky in that a lot of people were very proud of the win. I think Polks Torpedo tweeted when they twittered that. That went bananas and then the Brisbane Lions had their most tweetable re-tweeted tweet when they got the win, so obviously every fan just could not help themselves and decided to re-tweet.
It was really good to get the feedback from the fans to say, ‘Hey, we’re able to, you know, we’re on the other side of the country but we felt part of the game.’ The clubs are tweeting it out. ‘We knew we had to retweet. We knew we had to use the #hashtag.’ So it was really good from an engagement point of view, and Monday and Tuesday all the fans are going back to see where they ranked because they’re all ranked in a ladder and they get to see where they rank with all their mates.
It’s good fun. It’ll be interesting to see if we can do it again with another couple of clubs. We’ve done it before without having the metrics inside of Sports DP. We did it earlier with the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Storm earlier in the year. It’s not something you can do every single week, but when you’ve got a bit of a rivalry there, or some of it, you can effectively create an event around that, that the fans can sort of rally around.

TONY: Collingwood and Hawthorn have taken up the interaction at the MCG. I know that we do a bit of Twitter work for them during the games and it’s starting to really pick up that interaction during in-game.

SEAN: Yeah, and I think well partly is the ability to be able to get on Twitter, which is a bit of a problem sometimes with a big crowd. That’s a problem worldwide. But, yeah, definitely it comes down to, you’ve got to tell the fans, and so actually using the big screen and saying, ‘Hey, guys, share your tweets. Use hashtag always #hawthorn or tag your tweets #gopies. It might appear on the board; it does make people go, ‘Oh, what is this Twitter thing? I’ll check it out.’
And what you’ll find is most fans will follow the team, they’ll follow the players, and they’ll just effectively get a Collingwood branded, or in the case of West Coast, they effectively get a West Coast brand and Twitter account and they’re pretty much happy with that. They’re following 30 or 40 accounts and they know every time that they have their phone it’s going to be the news from West Coast fans or the players, so they’re quite happy with their Twitter experience like that. I think as more people understand how they can use Twitter because it’s very conversational and you can pretty much get whatever you want to get out of it, you decide who you’re going to follow so you’re going to decide what you’re going to get.
I think the clubs will definitely build further engagement and that can drag the fan along to signing up for a member and maybe buying some more merchandise and really locking them in as a fan, which is what all the teams are trying to do.

TONY: Oh, beautiful. We’ll talk more I’m sure in the ensuing week, Sean. Thank you.


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