In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Tuesday 18th February 2014

What @SportsGeek reads…

Aussie ski resorts tweets silenced by AOCHear from Dan McLaren from about the world of #digisport in UK & Europe

NBA star Mills shares Goodes story

Confused? No photos but please share on Instagram

Jamie Anderson, snowboarder: Tinder in Olympic village is next level

Goalposts shift as sponsorship game turns more complex

Wearables, who will win?

Pinterest shoots for world domination with new mobile site

Dale Hansen unplugged: celebrating our differences

Facebook fraud response: Are Facebook ads a waste of money?

Joakim Noah and the All-star game conundrum

Nice post on Digital Marketing by Jim Stewart

Twitter testing major profile redesign that looks alot like Facebook

Thoughts on Derek Jeter announcing his retirement on Facebook over Twitter?

28 days of fame: the strange, true story of ‘Flappy Bird'

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