An amazing week at Sports Geek working on #SuperAwesomeMicroProjectWhat a busy week it has been at Sports Geek as we have been working hard on a secret project that has taken the internet by storm the last few days.  We have been a patron of the Super Awesome Micro Project over the past 80 weeks, helping a teenage genius Raul Oaida and Melbourne start up guru Steve Sammartino deliver a full sized Lego car to the internet.  On this episode I interview Steve about the project on Harf Time just 2 hours after we launched the video and then catch up with microDomination author Trevor Young about how PR & media has picked up the story as it goes viral.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • How Super Awesome Micro Project got started
  • Challenges when creating content to go viral
  • How the lego car actually works
  • How we pushed the story our via social media
  • Excitement of watching analytics and social chatter around the project
  • What it is like to be on the inside when your content takes off

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Resources from the episode

Watch the Super Awesome Micro Project Video

Social Media Post of the Week

Can't go past this tweet to launch the #SuperAwesomeMicroProject from @sammartino, Twitter embeds did not exist when we started this project, they have definitely helped it go viral.

1 Million Views in under 2 days

1 Million Views in under 2 days

3 Million Views on YouTube

Super Awesome Micro Project reaches 2M views

Closing 2 Cents

Closing 2 cents from Sports Geek Podcast

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