Jeff Elderveld from Columbus Blue Jackets talks about data acquisition using TicketnetTwitter is now a public company, will it's focus on profits change the experience for sports fans? On Grandstand we discuss Twitter IPO and we discuss strategy how digital plays a big role in fan development. Then we chat with Director of CRM and Analytics at Columbus Blue Jackets Jeff Eldersveld about how he uses Ticketnet to drive more ticketing leads into his database.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • How Twitter is changing Twitter app for growth and advertising.
  • How focus of Twitter has changed in last 12 months with strong picture focus
  • Latest Twitter app changes will help with growth of followers
  • Understanding different kinds of conversions to track in digital efforts
  • Growth of sports paywalls and what are fans willing to pay
  • How Blue Jackets use Ticketnet to attract friends of fans via social media
  • Importance of closed promotions for Blue Jackets sponsors
  • How Ticketnet was used to drive fans to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants connecting digital with fan events
  • How Blue Jackets produce customised offers based on data collected for higher success

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Closing 2 Cents

Thanks to Francis & Harf for invitations to be on radio, where the podcast originated

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