Here is how @MrRichardClarke sees an @Arsenal game - check out Arsenal PlayerRichard Clarke is the managing editor for Arsenal Media Group driving all the content for Arsenal fans around the world, we chat with him on ABC Grandstand.  In a recent visit to Perth I sat down with Matthew Gepp to discuss what has worked for West Coast Eagles and what they have planned for 2014.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • What are key drivers for Arsenal Media group?
  • Why Arsenal is in the global fan development business
  • How Arsenal fans compare around the world
  • Importance of appealing to your aspirant fans
  • How Arsenal integrate players into Twitter engagement
  • How West Coast Eagles use Eagles Vision to connect with fans across Western Australia
  • Importance of educating athletes on positives and negatives of social media
  • Understanding your fan demographic when posting content
  • Value of social media promotion for your branded content


We chat to Matthew Gepp from West Coast Eagles from inside Patersons StadiumResources from the episode

Congrats to @Arsenal


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