Sean Callanan shares his insights from over 5 years in podcasting  on International Podcast Day as well as latest trends from podcasting conferences Podcast Movement and Oz Pod.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • What inspired Sean Callanan to start podcasting
  • How Sports Geek has grown its listenership over the years
  • Developing your personal branding through your podcast
  • How the Digital to Dollars process can help your podcast succeed
  • The latest tools, tips and trends in podcasting
  • How to snag a high profile guest into your podcast
Sean Callanan on podcasting trends and insights

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Sean Callanan on how podcasting benefits his personal branding

“Podcasting has worked terrifically well because it is that long form content that get into the ears of potential clients for 30 to 40 minutes a week to get my point of view across and be able to share some great best practice from around the world.”

Sean Callanan

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About Sports Geek

Sean Callanan started Sports Geek in 2009 blogging about sports, digital and technology coming from an IT background. At that time, he was also doing two radio stints on a local sports radio in Australia talking about issues around sports, digital and social media. A few years later, Sean had an idea to start his own podcast after attending Pat Flynn's keynote. He then took some audio clips from his radio stints, editing them up and publishing them as an episode of Sports Geek Podcast.

Sports Geek Podcast released its very first episode in May 9th 2013. It eventually gained listenership and Sean began producing episodes every Monday with guests working in the sports business and sports marketing industry. Five years later, Sports Geek Podcast has more than 200 episodes published and over 300,000 downloads from 100 countries. It has also been rebranded to Sports Geek as a valuable recommendation from Podcast Movement.

Sports Geek has featured more than 200 business professionals from EPL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, AFL, NRL and NCAA. It continues to help people in the industry stay in the know and find out what is happening on the latest sports, social media and digital trends.

Check out Sports Geek's full episodes archive and guest list to know more

Here are the tools we use for podcast production

Liberated Syndication or Libsyn  has been our podcast hosting service since the beginning. It takes charge of the publishing of the episode across different podcast channels

Blubrry PowerPress is a WordPress plugin used to wrap our RSS feed and manage it for iTunes

Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast player is the player you see on Sports Geek HQ and the single track player on all our show notes

Auphonic is an editing software used to normalise the audio, adding the cover image and setting all the MP3 tags

Trint is a transcribing software we use for to source quotes and make a PDF downloadable for each podcast episode

Canva is a graphic editing tool where we create all images for the episode

Slack is our internal team communication tool

CoSchedule is a multiple social platform posting tool we use to promote the episode

Buffer is another social media tool we use to schedule promotions

Grum is a scheduling tool we use to promote the podcast on Instagram

Zoom H6 is Sean's handy podcast recorder when doing on-site interviews

Call Recorder for Skype is Sean's other podcast interviewing tool when guests are overseas

Pretty Links is a good WordPress plugin that allows to create a shorter and simple link to make links easier to share

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Highlights from podcast with Sean Callanan

5:35 A brief introduction about Sean Callanan and Sports Geek

6:30 How did Sports Geek Podcast started

8:35 Sean on growing his personal brand with the podcast

10:35 The technical details, process and tools used in creating a Sports Geek episode

18:54 Sean discusses the Digital to Dollars process in making your podcast successful

19:40 The importance of knowing your audience

25:40 Why knowing your content helps improve listenership

32:03 Why knowing your distribution helps in marketing your podcast

34:48 How the Sports Geek episodes are promoted using Facebook ads

41:07 How to effectively market your podcast

45:40 What is the importance of having an email list

49:12 Sean on rebranding Sports Geek Podcast to Sports Geek

50:47 How building your brand first helps secure a high profile guest

55:03 Closing remarks from Sean Callanan and Dave Lee

57:30 Learn more about the Digital to Dollars porcess. Visit

58:23 Sign up to Sports Geek Nation and get access to members area, FB Group and Slack

60:00 Ask Sean a question on his FB Page –

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