One thing content creators dread is going back to the beginning and looking or in the case of podcasters listening to their first episodes. Sports Geek (the podcast version at least) was first published on May 9 2013 back then the podcast stitched together regular my radio spots with Francis Leach on ABC Grandstand and Daniel Harford on 1116SEN.

Over time the podcast evolved from using the radio spots to in person or Skype interviews with guests to allow for more depth than short radio segments allow.  After 80 episodes I relinquished the audio editing reins to the very capable James Ede who now edits all podcasts.  Megan Vila Pouca helped assist booking and scheduling of guests as well as preparing show notes each week.  Joli Gorospe has been invaluable in the promotion and amplification of the podcast and all related content making sure new and regular listeners know who is one each week.

This episode looks back at that #1 episode with guest James Royer then at the Tampa Bay Lightning and looks into how to handle fan feedback on social (still a hot topic 5 years on).

For those of you who have listened from the start, thank you.  If you have just found the podcast, welcome aboard.

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