This week's episode is the first in our Sports Start Up Series featuring FamousFan. Sean catches up with Josh Biren, Co-Founder & Chief Hustler at FamousFan.

Breaking away from our traditional episode format, we take a new approach (think “Shark Tank”) where Josh will pitch what Famous Fan is and Sean will play role of the Sharks asking questions for you, the SGP listeners.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • What FamousFan is and what their pitch is to sporting teams
  • Who is FamousFan's ideal client?
  • The story behind FamousFan's first client and how did it go
  • What do fans do when they are on the jumbotron and why it is a missed opportunity
  • Lessons from running a startup (especially in sports)
  • How any business can be described with the CHUNKY Pitch
Josh Biren from Famous Fan tells his sports startup story
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Resources from the podcast

Some tweets you may have missed

Famous Fan has launched!

Famous Fan footage from Josh Biren at Spurs game

FamousFan in action

FamousFan Case Study

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Excellent advice

in iTunes by StrengthsMomma from USA on July 13, 2016

Sean's combo of passions for sports, communication, and technology are perfect. He makes it easy to understand. Love it! (And his accent doesn't hurt 😉 ) On my favs list!

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