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Day 5 – Competition

Have you checked out the London 2012 Social Media Dashboard?  You should!

How much power do 140 characters have?

Are Olympic Organisers wishing these games were a little less social?

Keep Calm and Tweet? What approach should athletes take to social media during the games

Can athletes turn a profit with social media?

US Gold winning female Gymnasts are tweeting with everyone!

Is social media by elite athletes distracting them from the job at hand?

38 Million Cheers worldwide for Visa

Has social media taken gold these Olympics

Sports Geek's Dion brought the L2012 Twitter cam account to you first on his post, scooping the Mashable story on Stadium Cam accounts!

More on the Australian Channel 9 Facebook coverage outcry

Twitter Medals – Day 5

Bronze Medal –

Silver Medal – Lolo Jones

Gold Medal – Barack Obama

#digifail Medal

Not #digifail but a fail to us…..

Chinese Divers family hide grandmothers death and mothers cancer for over a year until after she won gold

Instagram Of The Day

Action shot from the Women's Volleyball

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


From Google+

19 medals – congratulations to Michael Phelps on becoming the all-time most decorated Olympic athlete.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


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