Hopefully by now you're all following the twenty best tweeps recommended to you from London. The accounts in the original list were all personal athlete or journalist accounts, but if you're looking for more event-based, news Twitter accounts, @London2012 has some great lists for you to follow.

By searching the @London2012 Twitter lists, you can now follow official accounts updating all results and event information from across the entire board.

 #London2012 Photo Accounts

On top of the automated results accounts, LOCOG have set up Twitter accounts in the gym, basketball arena, pool and table tennis centre to take and tweet great shots from all the Olympic action from these venues.

Here's one from the basketball account, @l2012bballcam:

Pretty cool, eh? The gymnastics camera hasn't fired up yet, and Stadium Cam is biding it's time for the track and field events to start but the Mat Cam has had some great shots:

While you rush to Twitter to follow the photo accounts, I'll leave you with this last one from Table Cam.

For more great Olympic shots, check out Sports Geek's London 2012 Pinterest board.

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