This week's #BODSW has a look at Google+, Twitter ‘custody', and the keys to engaging fans on Facebook. Let's roll.


Sports Geek has had a Google+ page for a while now,  so with the platform starting to grow, we thought it would be a good time to show a circle of teams that are on Google+ and are trying to advance their social media reach and create better sponsorship activation.

As we know, Google+ has taken a while to get off the ground, but Peter Stringer, the Director of Interactive Media for the Boston Celtics, has written a great blog about why Google+ brand pages could be more important than a team's Facebook page. Jim Stewart also echoes Stringer's thoughts, weighing in on the importance of Google+ in the social media landscape.

Here's a link to some pretty cool Google+ pages. If you aren't already on Google+, do yourself a favour and sign up!

Twitter custody

With so many businesses around the world tweeting to grow their businesses, the question must be asked, who gets the Twitter account there is a parting of ways between business and Tweep? Ars Technica have a great read on this exact situation.

Sports Geek's take: Branded accounts should remain part with sports teams but the personal accounts of those powering them should remain with the staff member.  Better for the team to develop a fan base around a membership account like @ManlyMembership or @SSFCMembership rather than an actual person.

Facebook: Engagement is key

Marketers and advertisers know the key to good business is engaging your customers, building brand resonance and creating a lasting bond  between the business and the consumer. Evidently, the same principles apply to Facebook, where digital business consultant Oscar Ugaz says fan engagement is absolutely key to running a successful sporting Facebook page.

Facebook Mobile: 480 is the magic number

Ever been on Facebook mobile, looked at a picture posted by one of your favourite teams and the picture they've posted is too small to see? Well, small mobile pictures should be a thing of the past. Here at Sports Geek, we've done some testing to find the exact dimensions where the photo will be large and attractive when seeing it on Facebook mobile. Check out the latest episode of #YouTube140 to see how it all works.

Best on Ground

This week the BOG goes to Tim Bull & Alex Dong founders of who were recently acquired by AVOS the new owners of Delicious.

Tim & Alex helped us make Sports DP a reality & we wish them all the very best going forward.

We'd tell you how awesome is but you can't sign up for it anymore, but look out for a new & improved Delicious as a result.

Video of the Week

This week's video is the amazing construction of a basketball court and stands on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson, which was the site of the NCAA basketball game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Michigan Spartans. Well worth a watch.

Sports Geek Networking Night

So there we have another edition of Best of Digital Sports World aka #BODSW! Make sure you've got your ticket to the Sports Geek Network Night (#SGNN), which will be held this Thursday, November 17th.  For all the details and to buy your ticket, please click here.  We have a good group of #digidport tweeps attending, if you can't make it be sure to listen to Ed Wyatt & Francis Leach on Aussie Digital and who will be calling the game.