Alright, folks. It's that time of the week, again, where we take a look at the biggest stories from the sports digital world, to see what the new trends are. Are you ready?

Moving on to digital marketing now, with a quick look at Phoenix Suns point guard, Steve Nash. The two-time NBA MVP and budding marketing maven is making strides in the digital marketing world.  The co-owner of marketing group Consigliere, Nash is as in-touch with the digital marketing age as he is with the Suns' offensive playbook, and offers some great insights into the future of digital marketing with an interview with Jeff Beer of Canadian Business.

We start in New York City this week, with the Sports Business Journal reporting that the New York Road Runners have recently launched two smartphone applications for the New York City Marathon, which is being held on November 6th. The first app, which will costs buyers $2.99, will track participants during the race on a map and includes live video from the NBC4 New York telecast. Alternatively, the free app provides race updates and photos.

Staying in the United States in our next story, with USA Swimming. The United States' governing body for swimming has developed a new digital platform and phone application that allows swimmers to track their progress, set goals and earn patches on Facebook for accomplishing their in-pool goals.  With the organisation already having 280,000 members, it won't be long until sponsors jump on board the application, making it worthwhile of a spot here on BODSW.

It's back home with the last story now, as we look at Sports Geek's newest venture, the #YouTube140. The brainchild of our very own Sean Callanan, the YouTube 140 series will, in 140 seconds, tell you all you need to know about your digital marketing strategies. But, don't take my word for it, let Sean tell you about it!

Best on Ground

This week's best on ground goes to the league-leading Manchester City. Winning on- and off-field, the Citizens are blazing quite the trail in the digital sports world with ‘clever' membership cards.

Brought to our attention through the guest post by Stephen Cleary, the Clever Card, once held up to a computer's webcam, will unlock great videos and 3D images for viewers, with one special card having a Willy Wonka-style ‘golden ticket' attachment.

It's a clever (no pun intended) new scheme by City, and one that is sure to catch on with many clubs in the near future.

Video of the Week

Video of the Week this week belongs to the Big Shaqtus, talking about his love for social media. One of the greatest centres to ever wear an NBA uniform, Shaq has fully embraced social media and has some interesting points about how to use these platforms as a branding tool.

#BODSW was compiled by Dion Bennett follow him on Twitter @dion_anthony