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Sports Geek at the MCG

Sports Geek filmed a promo video with,  titled “Do you know where your fans are?”, which we launched on AFL Grand Final day, talking about how sports teams can connect with fans via digital marketing and social media.  But it appears thanks to the Seven cameras at the AFL Grand Final replay and some friends on the Internet the “Callanan Shimmy” has got more hits and even a rap remix!

Collingwood tops AFL and Facebook

Collingwood engaged fans on to Collingwood for taking out the 2010 AFL Premiership, but also jumping to the top of the AFL Leaderboard on Facebook.  The Pies had 54,321 Fans on the 10th August and now have a following over 91,000. 94% of Pies fans interacted with the Facebook Fan page over the successful Finals campaign.  Integrated live pages incorporating Facebook and Twitter helped drive more fans to connect with the Pies on their preferred social media platforms.

Manly Sea Eagles tag it #roybull

Manly Sea Eagles employed several different methods to engage fans via social media on a very enjoyable 2010 Awards Night.  The audio tweets send using Chirps were a big hit with fans.  Check out the Roy Bull Live page that allowed fans to follow the tweets and join in the festivities from home.  The live tweets at the venue were a big hit especially with Manly players George Rose (@gorgeousgrose), David Williams (@wolfmanwilliams) and Michael Oldfield (@oldie90) joining in the fun.

Harry O sets the record straight

Collingwood's Harry O'Brien may be enjoying his off-season holiday but it didn't stop @Harry_O becoming a trending topic in Melbourne recently when the Herald Sun ran a story saying he had proposed to girlfriend Faustina Agolley (@FaustinaTheFuzz).  Harry was able to respond from Rio with a tweet “so apparently I got engaged to @ here in Rio and have been to New York, Vegas and Miami with her…news to me!! “.  Way to stay on top of things even while on holiday Harry.

Cricket NSW hits a six!

Cricket NSW have made a strong start in Facebook behind a successful Facebook Advertising campaign jumping to over 2000 fans in the lead up to the 2010-11 cricket season.  Keep an eye on Cricket NSW, they have started tumbling opening a Cricket NSW Tumblr account, do you Tumble?  If so follow them and Sports Geek on Tumblr. Keep an on a special Twitter account that only Tweets when the RTA SpeedBlitz Blues hit one for SIX, aptly named @BluesSix


VIS keeping fans in touch via Twitter

Victorian Institute of Sport have joined by following @VicInstSport.  Keep an eye out for #VISspycam with candid behind-the-scenes shots of VIS athletes hard at work. See what other Sports Geek clients are up to.

NBA Fans check in Turnstile

NBA Digital launched NBA Turnstile, the first professional sports multiplatform check-in application that will reward fans for attending and watching live games, and connect them to social media platforms such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Facebook, and Fanvibe.  Good to see Fanvibe making strides since they launched at the SuperBowl (then known as FanPulse)


@SportsGeekHQ at @haul

Sports Geek has moved into the house of haul in North Fitzroy.  To celebrate we are running a Melbourne Cup Sweep via Twitter. To enter into the draw you need to sending out a tweet to enter that mentions…

Sample below, please be funnier and more inventive than these…

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Or pick the lazy option by clicking the Tweet button found here.  Prizes include a Sports Geek webinar & gear from haul!

iPhone AND Android Apps

Sports Geek’s goal is to find great tech solutions for sports to use, Mobile Roadie lets you create an app with all your content – including audio, video, photos, events, and more all in a few minutes. Any changes you want to make can be made for free and instantly via a web based management system. If you wind up signing up, please put “sportsgeek” in the referrer field.

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