If you work in the ever changing world of sports communications you maybe:

  • wondering “what's all the fuss social media about?”
  • starting to use Twitter but not sure what to tweet or why to tweet or when to tweet?
  • the administrator for a Facebook Fan looking for strategies to grow your fan base?
  • aware of some social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), heard of others (Foursquare, LinkedIn) but wondering how to tackle them all with an integrated approach.

Well what you need is the Sports Geek Social Media Workshop!

After the Sports Geek Social Media Workshop you'll understand how social media can keep your fans connected.

Some of the topics covered in the Sports Geek Social Media Workshop include:

  • How to monitor your brand in the digital space
  • How to find your fans using social media
  • What platforms your fans are using
  • How to engage your Twitter following
  • How to make sales via social media platforms
  • Creating engaging social media stories

You’ll also receive some useful information on:

  • Social media usage in USA garnered through recent Sports Geek Trip
  • How the New York Knicks integrated their “I Declare” campaign with social media

Sports Geek Social Media Workshop comes in 2 forms:

Social Media Heavy Hitters – Comprehensive workshop targeted to leagues, franchises & facilities who want to grow and manage their social media presence.

Small Sports Big Opportunities – Sports Geek gives back to local clubs & leagues to help them find new sponsorship opportunities via social media.

Check out Sports Geek Social Media Workshop for more info.

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