We've got some great stories coming at you in this week's Best of Digital Sports Weekly, with stories coming from cricket, golf, soccer and the Tweet heard 'round Oklahoma. Let's go.

Manchester United unveil new social media platform. Wait, no they don't

We've seen some contrasting stories regarding football giant Manchester United and their entry, or non-entry, into a new social media space. England's Marketing magazine released an article last week, Manchester United is building its own branded global social network and media outlet, with the aim of targeting its international base of an estimated 350m supporters.reporting that Manchester United will build it's own branded global social network, with the aim of targeting its international base of supporters, which is an estimated 350 million people strong.

The next day, however, the club released a statement saying this wasn't the case, as reported by Sports Pro Media.

President's Cup & Social Media fans

Back home we have The Australian reporting that fans who attend the upcoming Presidents Cup tournament, which starts on November 14th, will be banned from tweeting, emailing  or posting anything from the tournament onto social media.

To the contrary, the Presidents Cup official Facebook page has cleared up this misbelief with a statement on their Facebook page.

To keep up with all the action from the Presidents Cup when it kicks off, follow @PresidentsCup on Twitter.

Doug Bollinger could find himself in hot water

Staying in the same category of “illegal” communications, Australian fast bowler Doug Bollinger found himself in hot water recently, being spotted using an iTouch iPod during Australia's one-day match against South Africa.

With the use of telecommunications devices during matches banned since match-fixing scandals in 2000, and with the current issues the ICC has had with recent match-fixing, the timing of Bollinger's story could be better.

Even though iPod's are allowable under the ICC's regulations, the fact that the device can access the internet, emails and other communication channels, Bollinger could face some harsh penalties from the ICC if they find that his use of the iTouch iPod contravenes any of their regulations.

Chicago Cubs: How to use social media effectively

Ending this weeks #bodsw on a positive note now, with a guest post on Social Media Club on Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs.

Written by the Cubs' PR and marketing specialist, Kevin Saghy (@CredibleKev), the post explores how the Cubs, using the Twitter handle of @CubsInsider, are doing the right thing in both their social media space offline to create lasting connections with their fan base. A great read that really sums up why sporting organisations need great people running their digital marketing departments correctly.

Best on Ground

Best on ground this week is FC Barcelona with their great new YouTube involvement. As reported on Digital Football, approximately 93,000 people tuned in to watch the Spanish super club unveil their new training facility. Barca became the the first club to utilise YouTube for a major live press event, earning them this week's B.O.G.

Video of the Week

VOW this week goes to Oklahoma City Thunder forward, Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5). The 2-time NBA Scoring Champion, bored due to the NBA lockout, tweeted his followers, asking for a game of flag football. Answering the young superstar was Oklahoma State student George Overbey (@groverby), who invited him to go play with him and his team, which KD did, leading to this wonderful footage below which could easily be used to point out all the pros about using a Twitter account!

Sports Geek Network Night

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That's it for another week of #bodsw. Hopefully you enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week's instalment.

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