Best of Digital Sports World #11

And #BODSW is back!  Thanks to people who asked where it was, especially after I quoted Jerry Seinfeld's “Don’t break the chain” philosophy!

If you missed the Sydney (#scau)  and Auckland (#scnz)  SRG Conferences in July then you really did miss out!

Obviously the Australian & New Zealand sports markets have been inspired into action gauging on the interest & development in digital sports projects ramping up in the past month.

Congrats to Essendon who this week will host #efctweetup to get Twitter fans of the Bombers to unite.  I will be watching to see how the event goes this Sunday.

New York Times gives Tumblr a big pump up, will it be the next big social media platform?  Follow Sports Geek on Tumblr.

For #scau & #scnz attendees who miss Dan Harbison (@danstwitter) from the Portland TrailBlazers you can catch him being interviewed by @rowshow from NACMA.

Detroit Red Wings are the latest team to release their own iPhone app.  What is your take on club/franchise based apps?

Chris Bosh (@ChrisBosh) may be 3rd fiddle in the Wade-James trio but he is “Master of his own domain” (and everyone else's it seems).

Good article by @jeffespo linking live sport with social media activity with

This article from @Mashable definitely rings true after great tweets at the conferences “How to: Get Tweetable Moments from your Presentations”.

Great use of Facebook Like button (AKA Social Graph) by the New Orlean Hornets – Honeybee Auditions.

Facebook changes Custom Tabs

Are you using Custom Tabs in your Facebook Fan Page?  Well Facebook are changing the width of Custom Tabs to 520 pixels on the 23 August, make sure you have resized your custom tabs.  Here is a quick run down from Facebook Developer's blog.

@SportConference tweets mashup

Wonder what was discussed at @SportConference?  Thanks to TweetStats & Wordle you can.

Quick Facebook Tip

Do you hate it when you try to add a link to an article on from your site or a news website but get a terrible image with the link?

Solution: Upload the photo of your choice and add the link in the caption!  As seen here by Real Madrid.

Video Clip of the Week

Like we need more evidence that Roger Federer is a freak!

For those who didn't pick up the change @_SportsGeek_ has lost the underscores and is now @SportsGeekHQ