Edition 3 of #BODSW, around the web…

We Want Wade – great digital campaign by Miami Heat to get fans behind Dwyane Wade to stay in Miami when the NBA's big free agency scramble begins. Absolutely love the Do's & Don't's for fans.  Expect social media to be big in NBA free agency.

Need more evidence that Google will be a big player in the sports market in the next 5 years? NYTimes reports on how Google scored runs with the IPL & YouTube.

Fox Sports Chairman Davis Hill disagrees saying online streaming of sports may affect TV revenues.  Sorry David, don't agree with this one as online & mobile streaming offer a great opportunity to reach the fan on the move.

Twitter to open Business Center – Nice move by Twitter to allow business automatically get verified.

Twirdie fun little Twitter game guessing Twitter trends to play golf.

Will LeBron stay in Cleveland?  This will be the biggest story in the NBA this off-season.  Perhaps this jersey will fit?

Best On Ground

This week's BOG is actually a Worst On Ground going to Phil Mickelson who was tripped up this week when praising burger franchise Five Guys.  He didn't disclose he was an investor in Five Guys he was outed by fellow golfer Stewart Cink via Twitter.  Important lesson for sports agents and marketers need to understand how social media can impact an athlete's marketability (both positively & negatively).

@dougferguson405 keep in mind PM owns SoCal rights to FiveGuys. Biased argument?Mon May 10 10:48:37 via Echofon

YouTube Clip of the Week

Conan O'Brien meets with Google, funny stuff from #teamcoco.

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