Edition 2 of #BODSW, lets get cracking…

Harry O'Brien's open letter to Barack Obama – great example from AFL footballer @Harry_O on how an athlete can use blogging & social media to achieve goals outside sport.  Here's the Herald Sun's take on Harry's request.

NBA using social media to support charities – another way sports can engage fans using social media.

What You Need to Know About Facebook's Recent Announcements – great recap from @GoSam on how you can use the latest Facebook changes for your web properties

Gold Coast – Do you like me? – @GoldCoastFC quick to jump in on the Facebook changes to stir up new fan support for the AFL's newest team.

Sport selling its soul to big market players – The Times

[UK] looks at the money behind sport

How Social Media Is Changing Golf – report from the #140conf held in NYC on impact of social media on the Golf from @jasonpeck

Why you shouldn't blame YouTube for removing all of those Hitler videos – interesting article on trying to solve the copyright problem that faces sporting leagues & digital rights holders as well as TV & movie studios.

21 Tips for Using Twitter for Business – Insights from @BrianSolis on twitter usage that are very applicable to sports.

Why Twitter Is the Future of News – Great article on how Twitter is helping the news find you, that include sports news & promotions.

Keep following Peter Robert Casey (@Peter_R_Casey) & Andrew Pawlowski (@pawlow34) as they continue through the NBA Digital Disciple series.

Best On Ground

This week's BOG goes to Ash Read (@AshRead14) from UK Sports Network landing an interview with Pedro Duarte discussing Real Madrid & Mobile Marketing.

YouTube Clip of the Week

Craziest end of basketball game I have seen in a while.  Just goes to show, “it ain't over until it's over”.

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