As Sports Geek's client list grows so does the need for Sports Geek to grow.

Our goal of 1 million Facebook fans in 2011 is well underway with we approach 500K Facebook fans thru Sports Geek clients as we help our clients increase their digital fan bases.

With clients across multiple sports (AFL, NRL, Cricket to name a few) across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth we have proven the sports digital world needs more Sports Geeks.

Looking beyond the Asia Pacific, Sports Geek will be expanding our client base into the USA & UK over the next 6 months with the launch of Sports DP currently in beta in the NBA & NCAA.

Sports Geek Digital Intern program

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Special Bonus

Those who apply will get inside access to the upcoming Sports Geek Trip of New York & Los Angeles.

All applicants will be invited to an exclusive webinar with Sean Callanan live from New York after meetings with sports leagues & franchises.

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