VLAST gives oversight for properties, agencies and sponsors into all aspects of talent appearances, creating more efficiency and ensuring greater talent buy-in.

Built on the foundation of Pickstar, VLAST takes away the headache of managing athletes to enable easier implementation of athlete deliverables across IRL and online experiences.

In this Sports Geek Amplify episode, James Begley from VLAST shares how can save your team time with less spreadsheet wrangling and fragmented messenger chats with athletes to drive better outcomes for partners.   Be sure to check out the great offer for Sports Geek Amplify listeners.

What I like about our system is we're not trying to be an athlete management system. We're not trying to be a CRM. We're not trying to be some sort of return on investment sponsorship platform. We integrate with just about everything. We integrate with billing, we integrate with CRM, we integrate with athletes schedulers. We want to be the engine that powers the talent activation.

James Begley, VLAST
James Begley, VLAST on Sports Geek Amplify

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