The focus on this week's ABC Grandstand was a little more Geek than Sports with ICANN releasing new Top Level Domains TLDs for Reveal Day.

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What is a TLD?

What are they? Top Level Domains like .com, .au, .uk they allow new kinds of web addresses

New Top Level Domains were revealed on Wednesday – Full list of applications available here.

How does that fit for Sports?

Some Sports that applied (at a price tag of $185K)





Those missing – NRL, NHL & other missing include social media platforms like .facebook and .twitter

Other sports related TLDs include




.TENNIS (Tennis Australia)



In preparing for ABC Grandstand I was lucky enough to chat with a “Domain Geek” Josh Rowe (AKA @joshrowe)


Sports Geek Medals – The Reveal Day edition

So what new TLDs take out the medals?

Bronze – .SUCKS

3 companies paid $185K to secure this?  Looks like they'll hold brands hostage to protect their domain 😉

Silver – .LOL

One of a swag of TLDs bought by Google, will be interesting to see how they use it.

Gold – .WTF

No guessing what it stands for but look forward to see what sites use it.  (If your Mum asks it means Welcome to Facebook)

Until next week

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