I have been giving this some thought for a while, especially since the Instagram/Twitter fight has escalated recently.

The story so far:

I use both Twitter and Instagram and enjoy the experience that both offer but now they don't play well together at all.

Instagram has been great providing a picture only feed for sports teams but lack of multiple account support has been a source of frustration for many Sports Geek clients and myself (as you can see from @SportsGeekHQ account compared to @seancallanan account as I don't switch that often)

Attention: Twitter Dev Team

Why not add a Content Type filter to the Twitter app?

  • Pictures filter – Instagram killer right there you can see all the pictures shared from your timeline.
  • Video filter – Show all video clips share on your timeline for those who want to look at video, that would have Tout, Viddy, SocialCam just a little worried and would instantly make Twitter the mobile video platform of choice.
  • Link filter – Show all links share on your timeline for the news junkies.  Instagram links would be available here.
  • Conversation filter – feed of tweets that contain no links, clips, or pictures so you can see who is chatting on Twitter.

Depending on your mood you can consume Twitter as usual via Timeline or via Lists (which are a still a hidden gem, I am a big user of lists for different interest groups and friends) but with content filters applicable to Timeline or Lists you could stay in Twitter if you wanted to browse pictures, watch videos or read articles.

What do you think? Would this change the way you consume Twitter? Would it be for the better?

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