On Wednesday night I went to check out two of the NBA powerhouses Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers at the Mavs' home court American Airlines Center.

One of the reasons that Dallas was picked for the #sportsgeektrip was to meet Mavs' owner Mark Cuban who I consider a fellow Sports Geek.  Unfortunately, he was unable to meet me during the season but he was kind enough to reply and wish me well on the #sportsgeektrip. Outside the AAC there was a definite buzz with the Lakers in town.  The Mavs Street Team ran promotions with inflatable hoops keeping the young fans entertained as well as a DJ & host promoting the game and firing up the fans.

One promotion I liked was free tickets to fans who made the “extra” effort.  Fans turned up in costumes, full body paint, wigs, etc and for that they received a standing room ticket at the end of the court.

I did a lap of the American Airlines Center concourse, it wasn't as spacious as the Staple Center but it used every inch efficiently for concessions, promotions & merchandising.  I was seated just above the visitor's tunnel behind the Maverick's bench.  As luck would've have it Mark Cuban was sitting 30 feet in front of me.  It was quite funny to seem him motion to the bench to turn the music up during the introductions to get the fans fired up.

The Mavs provide great entertainment value for the fan outside the great talent on the floor.  With the Mavs Surround Sound Drumline & the ManiAACs providing plenty of energy during the game (check out video below).  One nice touch was the fact the rims were miked up, if a shot clunked out you heard it likewise if Dirk swished a 3 -ball you caught that as well.  The video production work on the scoreboards were both more entertaining (Ron Burgundy provided the security notices) and more informative with stats provided throughout the night than the Staples Center.

What happened next I can only explain in one word… awesome!

After a few tweets pre-game..

Brad Mayne, CEO of American Airline Center, stopped by seat and invited me back to his suite at the Platinum Club.  At half-time I checked out the Platinum club level and met up with Brad at his suite.  Great view of the game and in the second half Dirk Nowitzki scored his 20,000 NBA point.  With a Foster's in hand (apparently the Aussie reputation for liking beer precedes us) I was able to meet some great people who manage facilities around the globe for Global Spectrum as well as learn more about IAAM (International Association of Assembly Managers Foundation).

Watch Mavs fans celebrate Dirk's 20000th NBA Point

Great facility Brad, I highly recommend taking in a game at the AAC if you're in Dallas.  I'll be back on Saturday to see some more NHL when the Dallas Stars take on the Detroit Red Wings.  Tweet me @seancallanan if you want an impromptu #sportsgeektweetup, but it will take a lot to beat that one 😉

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