Just recently, the folk at Facebook wrote an article about the world's most popular social landmarks. The basis of the article was formed around Facebook check-ins, where the occurred, and the locations that were frequented the most in the major cities around the world.

From the data collected, the most popular places, unsurprisingly, were shopping centres and sporting arenas.

For our great city of Melbourne, the top five social landmarks, in order, were:

  • Crown Casino
  • Chadstone Shopping Centre
  • Docklands Stadium (One can only assume this means Etihad Stadium)
  • Rod Laver Arena and;
  • St. Kilda Beach
All these places were obviously very high on the list, but where is the MCG? The stadium known as the home of Australia's native and most popular game, that hosts AFL games so frequently, is absent from the list. A quick look at their official Facebook page shows that some 400,000 people have checked in at the ‘G. With a number like that, an astronomical amount of people must be filing in to the top 5 social landmarks in Melbourne!

Here is the City breakdown from Facebook.