Yesterday I toured Cowboys Stadium, I know they say things are big in Texas but that was ridiculous.

The screen alone cost $40M weighs as much as a full Airbus.  The roof sagged 5 inches when it was first attached.

I was lucky enough to take the tour while the Cowboys were preparing for their playoff encounter against Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings.  To simulate the the noise expected by Vikings fans they pumped crowd noise throughout the stadium.  While standing in the end zone I recorded this, have a listen.

Crowd Noise During Cowboys Practice

Unfortunately no video was allowed but check out the Cowboys Stadium photo gallery for some great shots.

I wouldn't be Sports Geek if I wasn't impressed with the full-on DataCenter that is the heart of the stadium.  Standard stuff from an IT point of view but everyone seemed very impressed with the Mission-Impossible style description “6 seconds to get out if there's a fire, as the oxygen is sucked out of the room”.

I jokingly referred to Cowboys Stadium as the “Death Star” which I think Jerry Jones would like.  Little did I know that is one of the names the locals have given it.  Tours have been extremely popular with 150,000 people touring the venue in it's first 127 days.  It has a staff of 6,200 on game day and will host the 2010 NBA All-Star game and the 2011 Super Bowl.

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