How to pitch digital sponsorships – #SportsBizZoom replay

These calls were recorded on 22nd & 23rd September 2020 as part of our weekly calls.

Topic was Understanding digital rate cards & valuing digital – Know You Value pillar of Digital to Dollars process –

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19:59:12 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –
20:00:14 From Matt Kemp : Matt Kemp, Cape Town, South Africa, Sport & Entertainment Attorney.
20:01:18 From Jack E : Hi everyone, Jack Eggleston from InCrowd Sports, UK.
20:02:18 From Pierre Gautier : Hi everyone, I am new here 🙂 Pierre Gautier, from Arenametrix, France :
20:04:14 From Travis Anderson : Travis Anderson – Operations Manager, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Basketball Association, Western Australia.
20:04:17 From Travis Anderson :
20:04:41 From PaulGuest : HI all, Paul Guest, Commercial Director, SportsPro. New to this.
20:04:53 From Tom Mitchell : Tom Mitchell, IRONMAN, Partnerships Manager in Melbourne
20:06:02 From Nathan Perrone : Nathan Perrone, Deakin University, Melbourne,
20:06:04 From Robert Honan : Robert Honan, Founder, The Community & Club Collective
20:06:14 From rened : hi everyone, it's not only lightnng that needs fixing but also audio on my side.. Can't hear a thing and have suspicious cat bite traces on my headset… I'll try to come back tomorrow.
20:07:40 From Reema Bagdai : Hi everyone, I'm Reema. Used to work at IMG / IPL (Indian Premier League) as Partnerships Manager. Recently moved to Brisbane.
20:07:50 From rened : found backup 😀
20:10:19 From Jason Bajada : Hi Room 3. For some reason I can't hear anyone …?
20:11:38 From Sean Callanan : Jason have you tried to reset your audio?
20:12:34 From Jason Bajada : OK got it after re-doing a test
20:16:35 From Matt Kemp : Sorry Travis!!
20:16:42 From Travis Anderson : All good 🙂
20:19:10 From Jason Bajada : Go Leafs Go!
20:27:40 From Pierre Gautier : Manually 🙂
20:27:54 From PaulGuest : All our clients. But we don't use them ourselves….
20:29:24 From PaulGuest : Why should valuation be different from sale price?
20:34:46 From Jack E : Do any of the valuation tools mentioned (or anyone else for that matter) do any sentiment analysis? i.e. a video has 1000 comments, how many of those are positive / negative
20:36:11 From Pierre Gautier : Sales are often telling marketing that digital is too expensive… what are your thoughts on the sales / marketing and digital alignment?
20:41:59 From Bronson Mokabela : At the core of this conversation is whether you have a sponsor or a partner. Relationship is critical
20:47:17 From Travis Anderson : Our current digital is for self marketing only, but my aim is to push us forward to see it’s value from both angles
20:49:05 From Pierre Gautier : Is there someone here with a use case of digital campaign sold at good price (packaged with other mkt rights or not)?
20:52:53 From Matt Kemp : Story and …
20:54:37 From Zach Davis-Hancock : thanks for giving me a really cool idea for a pitch for my team…. however for us where we are an expansion team trying to enter a comp in 2023 how do you begini to develop something like a rate card?
20:55:21 From Matt Kemp : Has anyone hit a brick wall with commercial team on the other side (and thus the need to push through to the digital team on the other side)?
21:00:22 From rened : also consider the whole fake traffic component to add to what Marc said.
21:02:11 From Matt Kemp : @Zach start estimating your audience and then cost of producing content.
21:03:12 From Zach Davis-Hancock : fair enough. Just came up with a pitch in my head for a tourism board from tonight but just want to get the card right @matt you are legend
21:03:48 From Marc Joubert : Buy a hat Sean

09:59:47 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –
10:00:38 From danieltaylor : Daniel Taylor, Insights and Marketing professional based in Philadelphia:
10:00:45 From Paul Bains : Good afternoon everyone 🙂 hope you’re having a great week
10:00:55 From Dominic Remond : Dom Remond Director at Grow Step – Helping businesses grow and monetize their audience and customer base, focusing on strategic partnerships, marketing strategy, digital and technology led transformation.
10:01:00 From Paul Bains : Paul founder of New Zealand Sport Radio
10:01:07 From Loren Hazelwood : Loren Hazelwood, Sponsorship Exec Motorsport Australia, Melbourne Aus
10:01:25 From Craig Green : SprtsHQ : Hi all. Craig Green – SprtsHQ.
10:01:29 From Sophie Hornsey : Hey guys, Sophie Hornsey, Commercial Partnership Executive at South East Melbourne Phoenix,
10:01:43 From Amanda Jenkins : Amanda Jenkins, Senior Manager, FIBA Oceania
10:01:53 From Jim Dorash : Hey everyone Jim Dorash – EndZone Global sports consultancy in Brisbane –
10:02:04 From Amy Wadwell : Hi all, Amy Wadwell, Digital Marketing @ Paralympics Australia
10:02:04 From Akhil Bhaskar : Hi All, Akhil Bhaskar, MBA sports management student in New Jersey,
10:03:05 From Darion Afshar-Gomez (Sharks) : Hello! I'm Darion Afshar-Gomez, Business Intelligence Analyst for the San Jose Sharks. Feel free to connect.
10:03:10 From Felix Koehler : Hey everyone, Felix Koehler, Account Exec, FanHub Media – Digital Fan Engagement, Melbourne,
10:03:28 From Cory Verstandig : Hey all, 
Cory Verstandig, Business Development Manager, Americas at FanHub Media. Look forward to connecting
10:03:47 From matthewlawton : Matt Lawton, Five by Five Global:
10:05:51 From Scott Dinsdale : Hey all … Scott Dinsdale, ex-media & consulting exec / c-suite .. consultant and mentor mostly now … (and that was me shouting out to my partner that there are chicks in the swallow nest!)
10:05:54 From Scott Dinsdale :
10:06:12 From Matt Henry : Hey everyone! Matt Henry – GM, Marketing / Sponsorship within the packaging industry. Formerly NRL.
10:06:50 From matthewlawton to Sean Callanan (Privately) : Unfortunately I can only hang until 10.30am mate but was keen to contribute.
10:14:28 From Paul Bains : A couple of weeks ago we talked about sponsorship becoming more bespoke so how does that fit with generic rate cards?
10:15:31 From Scott Dinsdale : You still need a baseline (for internal and external reasons) … and then get creative in bundling and innovating beyond that
10:15:51 From Tim Mullaly : Hi All, Tim Mullaly, Australian Partnerships manager @ Tradable Bits –
10:18:22 From Tim Mullaly : Great episode of the pod that chat
10:18:31 From Doug Mann : Hi all, Doug Mann, Membership Manager @ Victoria Racing Club – happy to connect –
10:21:47 From Paul Bains : No we aren’t mature enough yet. Still building audience
10:26:35 From Paul Bains : Here you’re talking about valuing on reach not on cost to make. Having worked in IT Project Management previously our rate cards were cost to produce + profit
10:29:35 From Paul Bains : Sports sponsorship has to be about emotional connection not just reach
10:30:59 From matthewlawton : I think the hidden and unwritten rate card value is in sponsor to sponsor transactions. How are people unlocking that?
10:31:06 From Tim Mullaly : 100% Paul – that’s the IP tie in and the advantage Sport and teams offer – the connection to fans.
10:31:49 From Tim Mullaly : @Matt – do you mean B2B transaction?
10:32:32 From Paul Bains : What needs to be on rate card? You just mentioned cost and we’ve also talked about value. What else needs to be on there?
10:33:19 From Darion Afshar-Gomez (Sharks) : We're currently looking at Zoomph for digital analysis as well as working with KORE on overall rate card analysis
10:33:30 From Paul Bains : An Insurance company might like to be associated with car crashes…..
10:34:18 From Tim Mullaly : @Paul, few key things to include
- Placement (where on site/app/platform)
- Frequency: when and how often does it run
- specs
- reach / engagement / delivery
10:35:13 From Paul Bains : Thank you Tim
10:35:55 From Akhil Bhaskar : Zoomph was a critical in partnering with LAFC and how they were able to improve their social constant and attracting full capacity crowd for all there matches, which would be a boost for their associates
10:36:51 From Jim Dorash : I've spoken with GumGum as a potential partner for my clients
10:41:42 From Dominic Remond : When does the engagement measure come into play
10:45:42 From MattHenry : Just my opinion but rate cards should match the industry rate for buying the same targeting / reach / conversion for on Facebook / Instagram – those costs are publicly available. The difference is an advertiser should pay a premium on top of that rate card for accessing your IP / being associated with your team / league. (eg. a buy-in before accessing what should be a globally benchmarked rate card).
10:45:59 From MattHenry : That said, in the last couple of years, I’ve moved completely into buying into content partnerships (story telling) as opposed to rate cards / social posts as brand slapping / advertising is just less and less relevant.
10:46:35 From MattHenry : We spend good money on creating good content partnerships and then amplify it wherever the biggest audiences are for the best prices (maybe teams / leagues, maybe external).
10:48:01 From Loren Hazelwood : I used to work for a Supercars team and 95% of the sponsors were aligned to the passion and delivering reach was a bonus
10:48:16 From Craig Green : SprtsHQ : Agree Loren
10:49:43 From Paul Bains : Rate card helps you not sell at a loss
10:56:57 From MattHenry : Been great meeting you all and chatting, I have to run! – thanks so much Sean for putting these together – well and truly leading the way in bring the sports industry together. Really positive outcome!
10:57:00 From Cory Verstandig : I’ve got to run. Thanks for the session today everyone, and looking forward to connecting with you all soon!
10:57:57 From Sophie Hornsey : Sean, would you recommend including a number of posts structure to be built into a wider sponsorship agreement or should it be a value amount?
10:58:47 From Craig Green : SprtsHQ : Agree with Harry. Rate cards need a lot of modelling to deliver something useful that you can sell off and not lose money on.
11:00:29 From Doug Mann : Got to run, thanks Sean and team, really interesting discussion.
11:00:36 From Scott Dinsdale : Have to run … good to see everyone … thx Sean
11:00:43 From Amy Wadwell : Thanks for another great chat Sean! Looking forward to catching you all again next week.
11:00:59 From matthewlawton : Thanks all.
11:01:23 From Akhil Bhaskar : Thank you all… Got to go. Was nice meeting you all
11:01:39 From timbarber : Thanks everyone
11:01:42 From Sophie Hornsey : Thanks Sean
11:01:45 From Tim Mullaly : Great discussion today all, thanks Sean!
11:01:57 From Darion Afshar-Gomez (Sharks) : Fantastic meeting, looking forward to joining again!