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These calls were recorded on 8th & 9th September as part of our weekly calls.

Topic was Sports in 2030

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20:02:34 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –
20:03:26 From Julianne Hamilton : Julianne Hamilton, Cricket Australia, Ticketing for QLD.
20:03:27 From Yashveer Setia : Yashveer Setia, Recent Grad from Deakin in Melbourne.
20:03:28 From Yashveer Setia :
20:03:31 From Nathan Perrone : Nathan Perrone, Melbourne Australia, Deakin University student –
20:03:46 From Corey Kirby : Corey Kirby, PTI Digital, Chief Operating Officer
20:03:53 From Cameron McFarlane : Cam McFarlane, Melbourne, TLA Worldwide
20:03:54 From Cameron McFarlane :
20:04:13 From Cameron McFarlane : Nice to be here for the first time, all.
20:04:37 From Jamieson Doyle-Taylor : Jamieson Doyle-Taylor, G2G Sports
20:04:52 From ABHISHEK MAURYA : Abhishek Maurya, Student-Sports Management, Melbourne.
20:05:15 From Jessie Hood : Jessie Hood, PTI Digital, Digital Delivery Executive
20:06:21 From Devin : Devin Ediriweera, Melbourne, Recent grad from La Trobe University
20:06:51 From Anne Vermaak : Anne Vermaak, Cape Town, South Africa, CEO SA Gymnastics
20:07:51 From Louie Bulzomi : Louie Bulzomi, MBA Sports Management student, freelance sports commentator keen for opportunities. Also a CPA Accountant.
20:08:39 From Matt Kemp : Matt Kemp, Sports & Entertainment Attorney, Cape Town, RSA,
20:33:14 From Julianne Hamilton : Matt put his hand up 🙂
20:59:30 From Matt Kemp : Moore’s law

10:00:40 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –
10:00:56 From Harry Hutchison :
10:00:57 From Dominic Remond : Dom Remond Principal at Grow Step – Helping businesses grow and monetize their audience and customer base, focusing on strategic partnerships, marketing strategy, digital and technology led transformation.
10:01:38 From Harry Hutchison : Harry Hutchison – EngageRM Sales & Marketing
10:01:46 From Craig Green : SprtsHQ : Hi everyone. Craig Green – SprtsHQ
10:01:50 From James Slider : Head of Product for the Drone Racing League
10:01:52 From Sophie Hornsey : Sophie Hornsey, Melbourne AU, Partnerships at South East Melbourne Phoenix,
10:01:58 From Jen Pitson : Hi everyone, Jen Pitson (GM Commercial & Dev, Motorsport Australia).
10:02:09 From Michelle Morris : Morning all – Associate Principal at MI – management consultancy specialising in sport, venues and major events.
10:02:11 From Amanda Jenkins : Amanda Jenkins – GC based, FIBA Oceania Senior manager
10:02:17 From Tod Caflisch : Hello from Texas! Tod Caflisch – TechFoundry – Sports Technology Consultant –
10:02:27 From Cameron Gardner : Cameron Gardner, Traralgon, Student,
10:02:29 From Hugo van Rhijn : Hi I am Hugo from FlyFan in Atlantic Canada
10:02:29 From Darren Anderson : Darren Anderson, Melbourne, Founder @ Forward Pivot
10:02:30 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : Aaron Wharton – Sydney Sixers
10:02:32 From James Acheson : Morning, James in Melbourne.
10:02:36 From Lazarus Gremos : Hi everyone, Lazarus Gremos here
10:02:43 From Felix Koehler : Hey everyone, Felix Koehler, Account Exec, FanHub Media – Digital Fan Engagement, Melbourne,
10:02:55 From David Mackay : David Maackay – Partner @ SPP, Melbourne
10:03:18 From Brian Borowsky : Brian Borowsky – creating Covid-safe work and sports!
10:03:29 From ABHISHEK MAURYA : Abhishek Maurya, Student Sports Management, Melbourne
10:04:51 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : Rachel piastri sport Australia and stretch forward, digital and participation, Melbourne
10:05:24 From Dominic Remond : Hey Dave!!!!
10:06:08 From Aileen McManamon : Hi David – remember meeting you through Troy Kirby a couple years back. Nice to see you.
10:07:03 From Akhil Bhaskar : Hi Everyone, Akhil Bhaskar, MBA sports management student from New Jersey,
10:15:58 From david gravenkemper : Hi Aileen yes I remember you from Troy's Seattle Sports Conference. Great to see you again!
10:16:16 From Mitch Siwek : Morning Eveyone, Mitch Siwek – Melbourne – Recent Grad,
10:17:10 From Ned Coten : Hi everyone…
Ned Coten, CEO of EngageRM, President of Basketball Australia
10:17:24 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : BBL was heading into season one, no such thing as WBBL
10:17:28 From Amanda Jenkins : Social media….as we know it now!
10:17:50 From Jack Elkins : Cisco Stadium antenna wasn’t even out in 2010
10:17:55 From Jack Elkins : For Wifi
10:17:58 From Jack Elkins :
10:18:15 From Felix Koehler : esports events were at conventions and didnt fill stadiums
10:18:33 From James Slider : Esports events were LAN parties 🙂
10:18:42 From Felix Koehler : Haha exactly
10:19:00 From Tod Caflisch : AAF and XFL have come and gone since 2010
10:19:11 From Akhil Bhaskar : Took me back to undergrad hostel days.. the esports LAN parties
10:19:12 From Aileen McManamon : Aileen McManamon Vancouver BC 5T Sports Group – we focus on environmental and social responsibility/sustainability in sports. Ops and Fan Engagement
10:19:40 From Jen Pitson : Limited professional women's leagues in Aust – No AFLW
10:19:50 From Tod Caflisch : Sports betting in the US wasn't around in 2010
10:19:59 From David Mackay : Sports gambling was confined to Vegas in the US
10:20:08 From Craig Green : SprtsHQ : The sports should own their own content and connection with fans
10:21:03 From Jack Elkins : Players owning more of the licensing
10:21:30 From Felix Koehler : Clubs like Barcelona & Real Madrid will start owning their own broadcast rights – they already negotiated a larger chunk of LaLiga’s broadcast income share compared to all the other Spanish clubs
10:21:44 From Jack Elkins : Agreed
10:21:48 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : agree snackable rights for consumers
10:22:23 From Jack Elkins : The LA Clippers are one to watch here
10:22:42 From James Slider : Yes – unlocking different levels of access to content or content types based on upgrade packages
10:25:02 From Jack Elkins :
10:25:02 From Ned Coten : @James do you think that camera’s on Drones will lead to athletes wearing cameras / being more interactive whilst in play?
10:25:14 From James Slider : 100%
10:25:32 From Mitch Siwek : We already see athletes wearing camera's and microphones in the BBL
10:26:00 From Cameron Gardner : A lot of sports have the ‘mic'd up' now
10:26:02 From Akhil Bhaskar : True James, I enjoy every “Chelsea unseen extra” video shoot of the matches from sideline cameras. It provides us a experience of eatching the game from the stands
10:26:04 From James Slider : I think tech/athlete synergy is a huge unrealized field. Check out the Zebra technology NextGen stats program with the NFL
10:28:22 From Brian Borowsky : It's a USA thing: but will college athletes (in particular football) be professional in 2030? Or will there be a more significant and more visible non-college paid path to the NFL?
10:29:18 From Amanda Jenkins : Professional
10:29:20 From Sophie Hornsey : I think there will have to be a move away from the strict rules regarding team branding and the ability for brands to use team names when connecting with individual players e.g. in the afl
10:29:49 From Cameron Gardner : Lamelo Ball's trajectory seemed bizarre now but it might be common place in 2030 – college experience may get less valuable
10:30:07 From Aileen McManamon : Athletes turning the page now in controlling their comments by forcing them into full context.
10:31:35 From Cameron Gardner : Great discussion on this on the Bill Simmons podcast with Andre Iguodala a week ago
10:32:13 From Mitch Siwek : Authenticity speaks to Sean's recent SportsGeek pod where two athletes were told to post a story of their kit bag in the change room and then posted almost two identical photos – not very authentic when they are told what to do.
10:32:13 From James Slider : I think it’s also smart to conceptualize future facing content generation outside of passive content consumption. It will be consumption of experiences in VR that put remote fans in a tactile position in the stadium, on the field or the track. Player/athlete experiences are a huge part of that
10:32:34 From David Mackay : The sporting contest that athletes compete in will be different. Much more integration of technology into the sport such as AR and audiences directly interacting with gameplay
10:32:54 From Jack Elkins :
10:33:53 From Felix Koehler : I think football (soccer) will get way worse before it gets any better
10:34:16 From Brian Borowsky : >Felix: yup
10:34:17 From Akhil Bhaskar : What will be the roles of “referee/umpire” ing be in 2030
10:34:27 From Felix Koehler : The sport wasn’t built like North American sports with a business mind behind it. It’s a very chaotic market
10:34:27 From Akhil Bhaskar : with technology taking over
10:34:48 From Aileen McManamon : There will be a very small set of cities hosting Olympics. In 10 years time we may be down to designated host cities per continent and then just rotating continents as hists
10:35:38 From Felix Koehler : Look at the EURO 2021
10:35:44 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : can winter and summer Olympics be hosted in the same cities?
10:35:44 From Sophie Hornsey : As mentioned in my break out room, the technology is already been developed to completely change a fan in stadium experience to contactless
10:35:44 From Lazarus Gremos : I think football (soccer) will stay as is and more of the same (which isn't ideal) until a major club is wound up.
10:35:46 From Darren Anderson : Not just new sports within Olympics but diversification of formats – seeing 3X3 basketball, mixed team relay triathlon already. Needs for sports to diversify pathways as well
10:36:22 From Brian Borowsky : Olympics could be shared across a country – or a region – rather than one city.
10:36:42 From Lazarus Gremos : EURO 2020 was being spread out and I think that may continue, with co-hosts
10:37:59 From Aileen McManamon : I can imagine FIFA also going to distributed early rounds (across continents) and only coming to a host for the semis and the finals.
10:38:22 From Felix Koehler : Lazarus – Yeah we saw that with Japan Korea and Austria Switzerland already. It might continue like that
10:38:55 From Jen Pitson : Declining sporting volunteers base will have to see a shift in engagement in 2030
10:38:56 From Michelle Morris : There are still cities that leverage the olympics to achieve infrastructure outcomes and bid at a strategic point in time. They are fewer but still out there. The bigger issue is the restrictions around the timing of the Olympics as it currently precludes a number of continents from bidding who dont have the climate to host in July.
10:39:08 From Jack Elkins : Couple of thoughts: The Game – Adaptation of sports rules faster, Rights and Access – fractional rights/ownership/view, Overall – increase in localization, Buildings – smaller/modular, Staff’s – streamlined more consulting more project hires, Player Voice – ever increasing
10:39:18 From Harry Hutchison : The infrastructure that is required will change dramatically as well, for example wave pools have just been introduced for surfing
10:40:13 From Aileen McManamon : PLL (Lacrosse) is a new league using the ‘festival'/circuit travel model and that got a fair amount of attention in N.Amer for a league based sport with city franchises to use this model more typical of individual sports
10:40:43 From James Slider : Outside of new formats – introduction of artificial intelligence players is another worth mentioning
10:40:58 From Dominic Remond : Private equity and investment will be crucial in the next 10 years…the ability to invest will be key
10:41:39 From Sophie Hornsey : Outsourcing will play a major role in the comeback from COVID for sports and clubs that have had to drastically reduce their front office staff
10:41:44 From Felix Koehler : Aileen – I noticed that with PBR (Professional Bull Riding) when they came to Melbourne last year. Never heard of them before
10:41:49 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : clarity of purpose and why do events/competitions exist, who and what outcomes are they serving will be even more critical. the market clutter is growing and will only continue to grow
10:41:52 From Tod Caflisch : An increase in athlete wearables for data collections for coaches/trainers and fan/media use. Coaches/Trainers to measure athlete health and fan/media to add color like burst speed, vertical jump, hand-eye reaction, etc.
10:42:11 From James Slider : +1 on that Tod
10:43:15 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : agree tod
10:44:56 From Akhil Bhaskar : Exactly Brian, Cristiano's transfer to Juventus brought huge social value for the club
10:45:23 From Ned Coten : Agree Tod
10:45:33 From Brian Borowsky : @Rachel – great point about asking the question WHY?
10:45:44 From Sophie Hornsey : I think as long as the passion remains, they’ll still be willing to volunteer
10:47:01 From Jack Elkins : @rachel – agree – I see a revolt against the revenue coming. From the perspective of a big revenue sport American, I see revenue models changing and increasing in localization occurring and thus volunteerism continues to the current conversion
10:47:18 From Mitch Siwek : @Sophie, who are you finding is volunteering at your club?
10:47:43 From Sophie Hornsey : @Mitch passionate basketball fans, both young and older demographics
10:47:48 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : we are looking at a partnership model to provide meaningful internships from an exclusive university re sports management
10:48:36 From Cameron Gardner : My football club is leveraging relationship with Deakin for this purpose^
10:48:40 From Darren Anderson : Agreed – we'll continue to see shift towards more ‘vine-length' sport participation formats (T20, Fast Five, 3X3) permeate to grassroots level to match the consumption habits we see when people consume content
10:49:09 From Sophie Hornsey : @Aaron that sounds really interesting, particularly considering new graduates will struggle with new roles in this market
10:49:45 From Aileen McManamon : From a North American perspective it would be terrific to see greater infrastructure for sport admin at a municipal/grassroots level. Most people can/will jump in to coaching/officiating but the admin is a bear
10:49:52 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : 100% – great foot in the door @sophie. we had 3/15 interns land full time jobs last season which was a good result, i'd like to see that increase though
10:50:33 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : gotta make ensure anyone working for the club is onboarded on the club purpose and are genuine ambassadors for the club
10:50:38 From Michelle Morris : Agree – we need to make sure we can make it easy for volunteers to get involved and retain them. Having this conversation right now., particulary with Covid when we will need more people Covid safety officers etc.
10:50:54 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : knowing fixtures, memberships, players, and so on. its a tough task to onboard
10:52:36 From Cameron Gardner : footy 7's
10:52:37 From Aileen McManamon : @Darren Anderson – would love to see the resource you just mentioned on reimagining community sport
10:52:52 From David Mackay : parkrun is the standout model. Inclusive, all participants involved at the same time, over in a short time, volunteers engaged and appreciated. Strong community ties.
10:53:38 From Cameron Gardner : Social Sport and Just Play model is great too
10:55:03 From Akhil Bhaskar : Great point David
10:55:16 From Lazarus Gremos : Well said David
10:55:39 From Darren Anderson : Parkrun embraces this idea of ‘no lock in contracts' which we're seeing in lots of phone plans, traditional seasonal sport involves a lot of ‘lock in contracts' which may need to shift as well
10:56:09 From Mitch Siwek : A lot more local clubs (especially due to covid) are looking at pay per game models
10:57:11 From Jack Elkins : Netflix just shifted to paying attention to if you have not used for a period of time they automatically stop billing – conscious corp model will cause a further reckoning with big business sport
10:57:13 From Ned Coten : @Darren and @Mitch there’s no question that stackable experiences within community sport is going to become much more popular…
10:57:14 From David Mackay : @Darren – parkrun knows that their tipping point is 12 events. If you attend 12 events then you're likely to become a regular attendee; not necessarily every week, but you're now connected
10:57:39 From david gravenkemper : Great points on evolving sports. Pickleball s one of the fastest growing sports in US!
10:58:27 From Aaron Wharton (he/him) : thanks sean – gtg!
10:58:35 From Kunal Sheth : Padel as well!
10:58:50 From Jack Elkins : Who do you choose to be Margaret Wheatley
10:59:10 From Lazarus Gremos : Barca by Graeme Hunter
10:59:52 From Felix Koehler : Have to jump off, thanks guys! Always great to join the call 🙂
10:59:55 From Aileen McManamon : Nudge… Richard Thaler
10:59:57 From James Acheson : Matt Hampson- Engage
11:00:07 From Sophie Hornsey : Thanks Sean
11:00:19 From Ned Coten : Awesome session Sean!!
11:00:21 From Jack Elkins : The HeartMath Solution book
11:01:56 From david gravenkemper : This has been great, thanks Sean! And thank you David Mackay for getting me re-engaged!
11:02:15 From Cameron Gardner : Thanks Sean and everyone, very insightful!
11:02:20 From Jack Elkins : Nice work mate! Thanks for letting me be a part. Win the day y’all!
11:02:23 From James Slider : Nice to meet you all! Feel free to reach out if you want to keep talking about what 2030 could look like – my favorite topic
11:02:31 From Aileen McManamon : Spot on with the Netflix comment. Consumers expect a TON more. Falling short is penalized heavily
11:02:41 From Jen Pitson : Thanks again Sean and everyone on the call!

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