Platforms that provide attention & value – #SportsBizZoom replay

These calls were recorded on 29th & 30th September 2020 as part of our weekly calls.

Topic was Platforms that provide attention & value – Know Your Distribution pillar of Digital to Dollars process –

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20:02:49 From Matt Kemp : Matt Kemp, Sports & Entertainment Attorney, Cape Town, South Africa,
20:02:51 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –
20:02:59 From Nathan Perrone : Nathan Perrone, Melbourne, Deakin University,
20:03:17 From Darren Anderson : Hi everyone – Darren Anderson, Forward Pivot, Melbourne,
20:03:54 From Pierre G : Hi everyone, Pierre Gautier, Arenametrix – Paris, France –
20:03:56 From Henry : Hi everyone, Henry Huyton from Seven League, London
20:04:10 From Jeff Dickinson-Fox : Jeff Dickinson-Fox, digital and social content all-rounder, Sydney
20:04:47 From Bronson Mokabela : Greetings everyone… Bronson Mokabela, Digigage Sports & Entertainment, South Africa.
20:04:50 From Robert Honan : Robert Honan, Founder, The Community & Club Collective
20:06:50 From Phil Cotton : Phil Cotton – CEO & Founder – Elevate Sports Limited,
20:08:37 From Jason Bajada : Jason Bajada – Assistant General Manager for Geelong Korea Baseball of the Australian Baseball League.
20:08:40 From timbarber : Tim Barber, Director of Sales Australasia, Melbourne
20:09:14 From Jason Bajada : Twitter: @jsbajada
20:09:22 From Robert Honan : @robhonan
20:09:30 From Phil Cotton : @philius77 @elevatesportsco
20:09:42 From Darren Anderson : @DarrenAndo_
20:10:33 From Matt Kemp : @kempmatt
20:10:39 From Mitch Siwek : Mitch Siwek – Melbourne – and @mitchsiwek
20:19:43 From Sean Callanan :
20:32:37 From Mitch Siwek : Do you think part of the problem with that is because social teams within clubs are generally small. So they don't have the time to generate different content across the different platforms?
20:34:00 From Bronson Mokabela : Know your Audience… which means doing the work to know them, where they are and what they do when they are there. EXPERIMENT and LEARN – and keep the loop going.
20:35:16 From Darren Anderson : @Mitch good point – could also be a blessing in disguise, a leaner workforce means a sharper focus on what platforms to use and when
20:35:44 From Jason Bajada : @Mitch: When I was looking after social media for the Ice, I made the decision to have one “source” outlet (commonly the club web site), and use the other outlets (FB, Twitter etc) to drive users to the source. Getting ther biggest impact from a small team
20:36:16 From Phil Cotton : 35
20:36:23 From Jeff Dickinson-Fox : Facebook in a week: 10-15
20:36:23 From Darren Anderson : 7-12 for elite level team
20:36:24 From Robert Honan : 10
20:36:27 From Nathan Perrone : 12
20:36:37 From Matt Kemp : 8-12
20:36:37 From Jason Bajada : 7
20:36:40 From Bronson Mokabela : 20 (but depends on content)
20:36:46 From Henry : 21-28
20:38:06 From Mitch Siwek : @Darren/Jason – Will be interesting to see whether there is less content created by clubs/organisations going forward with a more targeted approach to each platform – maybe the potential for clubs to post on different platforms on different days to drive fans to their different platforms.
20:39:47 From Mitch Siwek : Game day posts become awkward also if you're losing – how do you word/caption posts then?
20:40:19 From Bronson Mokabela : Is there standard thinking out there that dictates which platform is good for what?
20:40:22 From Pierre G : Do the Facebook algorithm favours number of posts or engagement rate?
20:41:23 From Robert Honan : Do you agree with Philly's approach after winning the superbowl where they posted a closed sign – so the social staff could go and celebrate
20:43:15 From Jeff Dickinson-Fox : For social content, how are you going to top the feeling of winning the superbowl
20:52:01 From Matt Kemp : Roma
20:53:21 From Nathan Perrone : Feel like different markets benefit more from Twitter, believe engagement is greater in the US rather than Aus for example
20:57:01 From Pierre G : Do you use to pay to access to more targeted audiences on these platforms?
20:57:02 From Jeff Dickinson-Fox : Question about Reels: Do you have to be concerned with music rights for using hit music?
20:58:12 From Phil Cotton : Anyone got a good story about persuading a rights holder to provide content that otherwise didn’t exist? (Had been captured but sat on cutting room floor previously!)
21:00:17 From Matt Kemp : Which platforms are people using to extend game day experience (ride to and from a match) – and/or to supplement game day services?
21:01:36 From Jason Bajada : @Matt: Something I heard from the Savannah Bananas (college-level baseball) is providing a Spotify playlist for fans to listen to, themed for whatever event they are doing / who they are playing etc
21:02:42 From Darren Anderson : @Jason I like that, and I reckon music is another platform that could be more engaging within the game day exp (e.g. submit requests for the stadium playlist)
21:03:35 From Pierre G : @Matt : same for WhatsApp to announce the compo of the team or live for press conference (FC Nantes, France launched their WhatsApp number this year)
21:04:56 From Matt Kemp : Interesting that they decided to use WhatsApp v Twitter.
21:05:27 From Pierre G : Direct contact with core fans 😉
21:05:31 From Bronson Mokabela : Watching Playbook on Netflix

10:02:53 From Hugo van Rhijn : Hi everyone, I am Hugo van Rhijn, CEO of Flaight Smart Media Inc., an Atlantic Canadian startup. Feel free to “drop by” on
10:03:13 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –
10:03:35 From Sophie Hornsey : Hey guys, Sophie Hornsey, Commercial Partnerships at South East Melbourne Phoenix
10:03:42 From Cameron Gardner : Cameron Gardner, soon to be Sport Management grad, Traralgon,
10:04:17 From Cameron Gardner :
10:04:35 From Eddie Moore : Hi – I work with a couple of charities – Men's mental health and swim coaching for kids with disability.
10:04:45 From David Hopkins : David Hopkins – Glory League – Melbourne
10:07:23 From Steve Conley : Hello Everyone – Steve Conley formally of the Boston Red Sox last day is this Friday and will start with NASCAR on Monday.
10:07:33 From Felix Koehler : Sorry guys, internet is freaking out
10:09:52 From nick holland : Hi, Nick Holland from E.J. Whitten Foundation, a men's health organisation running sporting events.
10:18:37 From Sean Callanan :
10:22:35 From nick holland : Would you add What to that list? ie. video content, photo with link etc?
10:26:55 From nick holland : 3
10:27:02 From David Hopkins : 5
10:27:05 From Jack Gillibrand : 5
10:27:07 From Steve Conley : 4
10:27:09 From Sophie Hornsey : 10
10:27:10 From Cameron Gardner : 5
10:27:18 From Eddie Moore : depends how close tot he event – sorry bit vague. BE RELEVANT
10:27:42 From Steve Conley : In season or off season?
10:35:37 From Ned Coten : Hi All, Ned Coten, CEO EngageRM and President, Basketball Australia
10:36:26 From Ned Coten :
10:36:53 From Jack Gillibrand to Sean Callanan (Privately) : Sean my internet is horrendous and i can’t hear you. I’ll try jump back in on another network if it works
10:37:56 From nick holland : Twitter we use as a platform for getting content/information rather than posting content.
10:41:48 From Cameron Gardner : I find in a consumption sense, I can get the relevant sport tweets re-shared on Facebook and Instagram
10:48:14 From David Hopkins : What is Reels?
10:48:48 From Sophie Hornsey : Reels is instagram’s competitor to TikTok, integrated into their current app
10:56:37 From Hugo van Rhijn : Great chat Have to leave See you all next weeks
10:56:56 From Sophie Hornsey : Netflix – The Playbook, coaches guide to life