Redesigning Sport in a post-COVID world – #SportsBizZoom replay

This calls were recorded on 4th &  5th August 2020 as part of our weekly #SportsBizZoom calls.

Topic was Redesigning Sport in a post-COVID world.

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19:59:52 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin

Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –  @seancallanan

20:00:54 From Matt Kemp : Matt Kemp, Sports, Media & Entertainment Attorney, Cape Town, South Africa.

20:01:04 From Graham Maher : Evening all, Graham Maher – CFO and Company Secretary @ Queensland Rugby League

20:01:06 From Graham Maher :

20:01:35 From Corey Kirby : Corey Kirby; COO PTI Digital; SW London UK (Trying to move back home to Ballarat, VIC)

20:01:36 From Conor Noone : Conor Noone, Sydney Australia, Account Executive at Dynasty Sport –

Hope you're all healthy and well

20:01:48 From Luke Woolley : G'day Luke Woolley based in Singapore

senior arena and theatre designer at Populous

20:02:00 From Julianne Hamilton : Julianne Hamilton, Cricket Australia, Melbourne, Ticketing Manager for QLD

20:02:10 From Yashveer Setia : Yashveer Setia, Completed Post Grad in Sports Management Deakin Uni.

20:02:20 From Michelle Morris : Michelle Morris, MI Associates

20:02:23 From Malcolm Pulling : Malcolm Pulling, Melbourne, VP Beaumaris Sharks Basketball Club

20:02:27 From David Huxtable : David Huxtable

General Manager, Country Basketball at Basketball Victoria

20:02:35 From Martin Burrows : Martin V Burrows Jr.

20:03:27 From Michelle Morris : Michelle Morris; MI Associates and President Mordialloc Life Saving club

20:03:52 From Martin Burrows : Martin V Burrows Jr.

20:03:58 From Travis Anderson : Travis Anderson

20:04:13 From liam.murphy : Calisthenics Victoria CEO, Melb Victoria, LinkedIn –

20:04:31 From Travis Anderson : Travis Anderson – Operations Manager, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Basketball Association.

20:04:33 From Travis Anderson :

20:04:50 From Phil Cotton : Phil Cotton, CEO, Elevate Sports, London –

20:05:09 From ABHISHEK MAURYA : Abhishek Maurya – Student Sports Management Deakin University, Melbourne

20:05:10 From Michelle Morris : Also see how many times we can use the word “unprecendented”

20:18:03 From Phil Cotton : Hopefully they use more agencies!

20:18:35 From Corey Kirby : Fractional model will become wide-spread

20:18:49 From Graham Maher : Need to reimagine / realign delivery and engagement in community sport

20:20:04 From Matt Kemp : Do you see that reduction impacting the global organisations? The FIFA’s , ICC,’s WR’s etc

20:21:38 From Michelle Morris : what about shared models

20:27:29 From Phil Cotton : Think Corey is spot on.

20:32:25 From Graham Maher : Agree Phil, the focus will be on better investing / using the funds and increased understanding of the return companies are getting for their investment, both in their business and investments in other businesses.

20:36:49 From Conor Noone : Could also be the frequency of being charged. My GF just joined KX pilates and she has an expiry of a month or so to book her classes.

20:39:24 From Matt Kemp : Will any (professional) sports “fail”, or are they too big (professional / commercial)or broadly distributed to do so?

20:40:40 From Conor Noone : Models that are membership/ticket driven (i.e. the NBL) will struggle if there are any huge reductions in crowd capacity

20:41:52 From Phil Cotton : Matt, definitely think there will be struggles in some sports especially in the lower levels but that may also be because there were unsustainable business models and the can was getting kicked down the road. I think that if any fail they will get redefined.

20:42:16 From Corey Kirby : Lack of guaranteed revenue for leagues / clubs will be the ones that are most vulnerable – EFL over here is in trouble but that's due to the model they have

20:44:47 From Luke Woolley : Everyone will do a Netflix series

20:45:38 From Phil Cotton : Luke, good point. Have been saying in previous sessions that this will happen. Individual athletes will also understand the value and power of the content they create.

20:46:24 From Corey Kirby : They will look to disaggregate rights / sponsorship bundles to create more dynamic pricing / real-time

20:58:48 From Luke Woolley : 100% agreed on that. Especially overseas watching its painful. Buy NRL App and didn't work when I was in Azerbaijan for 6 months. Painful. Lots of experiences like that.

21:00:12 From ABHISHEK MAURYA : The MOM Test (by Rob Fitzpatrick)

how to interview customers and find the  actual problems and not the blabbering

21:00:15 From Luke Woolley : Anything by Dave Trott.

21:00:45 From Corey Kirby : Boomerang – Michael Lewis

21:00:50 From Travis Anderson : Ice To The Eskimos – Jon Spoelstra

21:03:42 From Corey Kirby : Would be useful to hang around just unable to today

09:58:38 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin

Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –  @seancallanan

09:59:43 From Craig Green : SprtsHQ : Hi all.

Craig Green – SprtsHQ – Sydney.

09:59:43 From Danny Taylor : Daniel Taylor – Sports market research/insights professional based in Philadelphia:

10:00:09 From David Hopkins : David Hopkins – Glory League – Melbourne –

10:00:13 From Akhil Bhaskar : Akhil Bhaskar

10:00:17 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : Rachel Piastri, Melbourne, stretch forward/SportAUS

10:00:29 From Hani Jaber : Hani Jaber – CEO – Australian Football Conference

10:00:39 From Akhil Bhaskar : Akhil Bhaskar – MBA Student,

10:00:54 From David Haigh : David Haigh, GM – Sydney Uni Rugby,

10:01:27 From Ben White : Ben White – GM – Southern Peninsula Basketball Association

10:01:36 From Hannah : Hannah Bayly – Project Coordinator for Workforce with Sport Projects,

10:01:38 From Hugo van Rhijn : Hi from Atlantic Canada. I am Hugo from FlyFan

10:01:39 From Laura Perrett : Laura Perrett

Melbourne United Basketball (NBL)

10:01:50 From Laura Perrett : Marketing Executive

10:01:56 From Kirsty Stevens : Kirsty Stevens – Events and Marketing Manager, Sydney Uni Rugby –

10:02:01 From Hannah : Whoops!

10:02:09 From Kunal Sheth : Kunal Sheth – Melbourne


10:02:19 From Suzy George : Hi from Brisbane, Australia. Suzy George, Founder of Sportech Industries – developer of sports technologies

10:02:27 From Troy Ratcliffe : Troy Ratcliffe

Moonee Valley Racing Club- Strategic Marketing Manager

10:02:28 From AMANDA JENKINS : Amanda Jenkins – Senior Manager FIBA Oceania –

10:02:29 From Ritchie Hinton : Ritchie Hinton, CEO @ table Tennis Victoria

10:02:34 From Troy Ratcliffe :

10:02:53 From Paul Bains : Good afternoon everyone, Paul here founder of New Zealand Sport Radio

10:03:16 From Chris.Steffan : Chris Steffan

High Performance Coordinator – Sydney Thunder

10:03:17 From Jack Elkins : Hi from embarrassing Florida USA, Jack Elkins.

10:03:37 From Sarah Stocks : Sarah Stocks, Co-founder Teammo (sports payment platform), Melbourne


10:03:38 From Paul Bains : Oh dear I’m in trouble, my coffee is empty! Might have to run and make one

10:03:45 From Tim Mullaly : Florida Man @JackElkins!

10:03:48 From Michael Blackburn : Hello all Michael Blackburn – National Sponsorship Manager at Qoin visit and connect

10:03:53 From Galaxy S9+ : Hello all! Kayla Hicks, Manager Security Golden 1 Center (Sacramento Kings)

10:03:57 From seblear : Seb Lear, Head of Partnerships at InCrowd Sports

10:04:42 From Felix Koehler : Hey everyone, Felix Koehler, Account Exec, FanHub Media – Digital Fan Engagement, Melbourne,

10:04:44 From Hannah : Welcome Ben!

10:04:45 From Tim Mullaly : Hi All, Tim Mullaly from Tradable Bits, Melbourne Australia

10:04:46 From Tim Wyld : Tim Wyld – GM Commercial NRL Touch Football

10:05:11 From Darren Anderson : Darren Anderson, Freelance sport participation consultant, Melbourne,

10:08:04 From Paul Bains : Great to see a lot of basketball people on this week

10:08:33 From Paul Bains : Sal’s NZ NBL has just finished their season all out of 1 location

10:10:56 From Tim Mullaly : Tim Mullaly, Aus Partnerships Manager @TradableBits – – Melbourne

10:12:07 From Paul Bains : Are you seeing new bio-security manager roles being advertised? ICC is looking to recruit for the role for the Women’s Cricket World Cup in NZ

10:12:36 From Katrina Lindner : Katrina Lindner, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Sydney Kings

10:21:39 From Mitch Siwek : Mitch Siwek, Melbourne, recent graduate,

10:21:54 From Paul Bains : I think that you have 3 types of sport for this:

10:21:58 From Paul Bains : Team in Stadium

10:22:02 From Paul Bains : Solo in stadium

10:22:14 From Paul Bains : Team outside (eg road cycling)

10:22:53 From Doug Mann : Hi all, Doug Mann – Membership Sales Manager, Victoria Racing Club, happy to connect –

10:23:04 From Tim Mullaly : Hey Doug, nice to meet you

10:25:14 From Hannah : It's possible to see fractured/ state based crews with many quarantined areas (where hubs are becoming less sustainable with hotspots spreading)

10:28:17 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : I think it will come down to prioritization against strategy and a sharper focus of accountability

10:28:27 From Paul Bains : HR & accounts surely can be shared across teams in the same league

10:29:23 From Tim Mullaly : The accountability call is a very good one Rachel – staff may end up having to take on newer skills in addition to what they specialise in

10:30:44 From seblear : Is there an argument that sport should do less to create more value? Take NZ Super Rugby for example – less games but it seems to be creating far more value than the previous Super Rugby format

10:33:41 From Tim Mullaly : Re the ‘Shared service’ model – what areas would those at a team level most like to see support in? e.g. commercialisation, membership, digital engagement etc?

10:36:45 From AMANDA JENKINS : The shared service model is probably more prevalent across National/State associations – the duplication of roles across a sport is something that can be done more efficiently.

10:38:33 From Paul Bains : Pricing is a good one as people will pay the same for a pay per view fight as they will for a couple of months of fan pass

10:38:36 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : agree re pricing. do sports know if they are returning zero or profit or negative on some items?

10:38:43 From Rachel Piastri’s iPhone : in some cases

10:39:23 From Paul Bains : Quality over quantity from a professional point of view

10:40:07 From Ritchie Hinton : I agree – IT platforms, accounting, etc are obvious generic background tasks that SSO's can share with NSO's and benefit from economies of scale. The other big area for collaboration is product development – we don't need 8 different S/T's developing their own answers to the participation puzzle.

10:40:21 From Hani Jaber to Sean Callanan (Privately) : I’ve got something to add here

10:42:13 From Jack Elkins : Are governing bodies helpful for taking too much of the pie?

10:42:34 From Hannah : @Ritchie (in the interests of playing devils advocate)- wouldn't it also be fair to say each S/T market is quite individual in terms of demand and participation needs and are best positioned to tailor their strategies accordingly? EG. NT vs. VIC are very different markets n terms of recruiting participants and serving expected needs of those who do.

10:43:47 From Paul Bains : Some of the clubs in poorer neighbourhoods are struggling for players as people have to take more shift or unsociable hours work. There needs to be acnoledment that not everyone works 9-5 M-F

10:45:18 From Ritchie Hinton : Hi Hannah – I honestly don't think so. I think that is a convenient excuse for States who struggle to see beyond their own parochial lens of their back yard. rarely is strategy very different between states (or even sports!) – they ultimately have the same challenges – not enough money, need more players, etc.

10:56:50 From Suzy George : Seb, can you please share the name of the Netflix documentary you recommended?

10:57:03 From Paul Bains : Sunderland till I die

10:57:18 From Michael Blackburn : Have another zoom call. Thanks Sean, good session

10:57:19 From Ritchie Hinton : “Into Thin Air” by Jon Kraukeur – a first-hand account of the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster which saw 8 people die.

A story of determination and bravery, but also a salutory lesson about the perils of hubris and adopting a ‘win at all costs' mentality

10:57:45 From Tim Mullaly : Sunderland till I die is such an epic show

10:59:00 From Felix Koehler : Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13

by Jeffrey Kluger and Jim Lovell

11:00:05 From Suzy George : No Paul I'm not

11:00:07 From Chris.Steffan : Ball & All Podcast. Ex professional sportsmen in northern nsw interviewing influential figures. Raelene Castle, Liz Ellis, Frank Ponissi have all been there. good for anyone keen on the high performance end of sports admin

11:01:42 From Tim Mullaly : Thanks for the discussion all – and thank you Sean, great session

11:02:04 From Felix Koehler : Would love to join you Slack channel Sean 🙂

11:02:12 From Felix Koehler : Thanks everyone

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