Developing New Revenue in Sports – #SportsBizZoom replay

These calls were recorded on 8th & 9th December 2020 as part of our regular calls.

The topic was Developing New Revenue in Sports

Opinions expressed on the call are personal only and may not reflect the view of the employer.

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20:01:37 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –

20:02:06 From Robbie Forsyth : Robbie Forsyth, Youth Football Scotland
20:02:07 From Chatila : Hi all, Rami Chatila here Managing Director of E11EVEN Sports Advisory and Entertainment out of Dubai, UAE, [email protected]
20:02:44 From Mosstyn Howell : Mosstyn Howell Melbourne UbiPark
20:03:11 From Wade Pretorius – Future Media Group : Wade Pretorius, Cape Town, South Africa, Future Media Group,
20:03:35 From Robbie Forsyth :
20:03:51 From Ben Wells : Hey All, Ben Wells, CCO of PTI Digital, formerly of Chelsea FC & Bath Rugby. @benwells1 /
20:03:51 From Matt Kemp : Matt Kemp, Sports & Entertainment Attorney, Cape Town, RSA. @KempMatt
20:06:18 From Chatila to Sean Callanan(Direct Message) : Is todays meeting just about sports or does it include esports as well?
20:06:43 From Sean Callanan to Chatila(Direct Message) : Yes it will cover both
20:10:18 From Nick Amies :
20:35:41 From Matt Kemp : Sorry All – I have to run — good to see / meet everyone. Looking forward to connecting on LinkedIn or other.
20:47:20 From Robbie Forsyth : @mozzaplays on Twitter

10:00:22 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin
Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –

10:01:20 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ :
10:01:23 From Dominic Remond : Dom Remond – CEO Easts Rugby Club – Sydney
10:01:35 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ :
10:01:38 From Michelle Morris : Morning all – Michelle Morris from Mi Associates in Melbourne –
10:01:49 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ : Matt Wolff – Ticket Time Machine™
10:01:58 From Paul Bains : Good afternoon everyone, I’m Paul the founder of New Zealand Sport Radio an online content production group
10:02:02 From Corey Kirby : Morning. Corey Kirby – COO PTI Digital Group – Victoria
10:02:12 From Windsor Roberts : Good evening everyone. Calling in from Biarritz, SW France … Great to be here. Happy to connect with you all. –
10:02:18 From dalefowler : Dale Fowler – Ubipark – digital parking solutions – [email protected]
10:02:35 From Stewart Macdonald : Stewart Macdonald, Adelaide, Australia working on getting into the industry.
10:02:50 From Cory Hollingsworth : Hey everyone! I’m Cory Hollingsworth, Head of Partnerships & Brand Engagement at We’re a direct platform helping teams & creators engage their fans through digital collectibles.
10:03:04 From Felix Koehler : Hey everyone, Felix Koehler, Account Manager @ FanHub Media – Digital Fan Engagement company, Melbourne, Looking forward to connecting
10:03:06 From Cory Hollingsworth :
10:03:15 From Tod Caflisch : Tod Caflisch – TechFoundry – Sports Technology Consulting – TX, USA –
10:03:31 From Kat Lambert : Hey everyone, I’m Kat Lambert (prev Houston), working in marketing at Golf Australia. I’m based in Melb, Australia
10:03:33 From Kat Lambert :
10:03:54 From Charlie Healy : Charlie Healy, Purdue University Athletics, Indiana, USA
10:08:02 From Paul Bains : Interesting news from the Olympics that Break Dancing will be involved in 2024
10:11:18 From Dominic Remond : Hi all. Interested in chatting to someone regarding a membership/crm/registration platform for a community based club. Please reach out on LinkedIn if you have any suggestions.
10:11:56 From Corey Kirby : Hi Dominic, Engage RM / Sport RM or Stack Sports (Sports TG) might be the best options
10:12:32 From Dominic Remond : Cheers Corey
10:13:08 From Tod Caflisch : Monetized wifi and IPTV
10:14:26 From Michael @ Qoin : Hi all. Michael from Qoin, National Sponsorship Manager
10:16:56 From Paul Bains : Digital content seams to be more about engaging fans and attaching sponsorship. Charging for it seams to be a step that teams aren’t taking through a digital membership for example
10:17:20 From Tod Caflisch : crowd density analytics solutions that drive alerts regarding social distancing in venues
10:17:25 From David Barton-Ginger : Hey Dom. I'm doing a lot in the CRM space at the moment with sports clubs. Will connect over LinkedIn.
10:17:47 From David Barton-Ginger : For anyone wanting to connect, here are my details –
10:20:11 From Tod Caflisch : Digital Bobbleheads?
10:21:10 From Matt Teh : Hi all, feel free to connect if you like:
10:26:54 From Windsor Roberts : Apologies … storm coming through here and internet went!
10:39:23 From Tod Caflisch to Sean Callanan(Direct Message) : Where's the Spice Girls reference?
10:53:12 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ : Savannah Bananas is a great follow for fan engagement. Jesse Cole (yellow tux guy)
10:53:18 From Michelle Morris : I've been a terrible participant today, sorry Sean a bit going on and I need to drop off. Many apologies its a great conversation and topic today 🙂
10:53:23 From Paul Bains : BBL need to keep adding things as other sports are taking them on and it’s becoming the norm. Listened to a podcast where it was said that each BBL game was a different entertainment experience so not “just another game”
10:55:04 From Paul Bains : In UK they have done away with terracing due to the crowd danger of people getting squashed
10:55:30 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ : Tailgating gets me to events all the time.
10:56:17 From Dominic Remond : If you have never been to a LSU home game – wow – tailgating on steroids
10:58:51 From Cory Hollingsworth : This was my first one – had a great time!
10:59:04 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ : LSU was great. So many great tailgating environments.
10:59:23 From Matt Ticket Time Machine™ : Looking forward to connecting,.
10:59:29 From Michael @ Qoin : Good stuff as always Sean. Have a great break and look forward to seeing you in 2021
10:59:31 From Dominic Remond : Thanks Sean – well done keeping everyone connected and enthused during a tough year