Building content franchises that engage & sell – #SportsBizZoom replay

These calls were recorded on 6th & 7th October 2020 as part of our weekly calls.

Topic was Building content franchises that engage & sell – Know Your Content pillar of Digital to Dollars process –

Opinions expressed on the call are personal only and may not reflect the view of the employer.

We want to maintain #SportsBizZoom conversations to be as open as possible so please respect that.

20:02:04 From Matt Kemp : Matt Kemp, Sports and Entertainment Attorney, Cape Town, South Africa, – @KempMatt

20:02:40 From Matt Kemp : Just been here too long

20:02:46 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin

Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –

20:02:52 From Nathan Perrone : Nathan Perrone, Deakin University, Melbourne,

20:03:52 From Jason Bajada : Jason Bajada, Assistant General Manager – Geelong Korean Baseball / Australian Baseball League,

20:05:10 From Alexander Greenwood : Alex Greenwood, Consultant @ FT Strategies,

20:05:11 From Henry : Henry Huyton, Digital Research Analyst at Seven League based in London.

20:12:55 From Matt Kemp : Gunnarsaurus?

10:01:19 From Sean Callanan : Welcome please share your Name, Location, Work & Linkedin

Sean Callanan, Melbourne Australia, Sports Geek –

10:01:46 From Dominic Remond : Dom Remond

Director at Grow Step – Helping businesses grow and monetize their audience and customer base, focusing on strategic partnerships, marketing strategy, digital and technology led transformation.

10:01:54 From Jarrod Potter : Jarrod Potter – Basketball Victoria Media and Communications Coordinator –

10:02:20 From nick holland : Nick Holland, Melbourne

10:02:41 From Gaby Barns : Gaby Barns – Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Gold Coast Titans

10:02:44 From Hugo van Rhijn : hi everyone from Hugo in Atlantic Canada

10:02:49 From Hannah Bayly : Hi everyone, Hannah from Sport Projects here –

10:03:03 From Akhil Bhaskar : Akhil Bhaskar, MBA sports management candidate. New Jersey

10:03:07 From Bec : Bec, PGA of Aus in Melb –

10:03:14 From Mitch Siwek : Hi Everyone! Mitch Siwek – Melbourne – Recent Grad –

10:03:35 From Travis Crothers : Hi all, Trav from. Creator

10:03:56 From Felix Koehler : Hey everyone, Felix Koehler, Account Manager @ FanHub Media – Digital Fan Engagement company, Melbourne, Looking forward to connecting

10:06:31 From Hannah Bayly to Sean Callanan (Privately) : Hey Sean – you can check ‘Enable HD Video' in your video settings, it might be that?

10:16:43 From Akhil Bhaskar : Question to Bec. Was the event rolled out only on FB. Majority of live social media engagement happens on twitter according to stats

10:17:04 From Jarrod Potter : Best thing we’ve done – Josh Giddey match winner

10:17:05 From Jarrod Potter :

10:18:24 From Bec : @Akhil – Only FB as a live product. It's where the partner preferred it and we had a much bigger audience on FB! But interesting Twitter is where it takes off.

10:20:26 From Akhil Bhaskar :

10:20:45 From Akhil Bhaskar : @bec – this could be an interesting read for you

10:21:36 From Bec : Thank you! That's great. I'll be sharing that with my team 🙂

10:22:30 From Sophie Hornsey : We produced a documentary style series – Fly With Us that documented our first season in the league and it was a great success because of the access it gave fans

10:23:56 From Hannah Bayly : Motorsport have used FB Live as pre and post show across a couple of cateogries

10:24:16 From Hannah Bayly : *categories

10:24:27 From Mitch Siwek : @Sophie having watched a few sports doco's recently, that sounds great.

10:24:59 From Felix Koehler : We don’t make the content ourselves, but provide the basis. Our MotoGP Fantasy game is used during press conferences or interviews, where riders select their teams which creates great banter

10:25:10 From Jarrod Potter : Phoenix content in Year 1 did a really good job of making people aware of who/what/how are you are. Especially for those “smaller” names like Dane and Kyle.

10:27:42 From Hannah Bayly : Self produced content has to be careful to tread the line between genuine content and blatantly and unapologetically preaching the teams narrative. Audience can quickly see through the selectively produced storylines at times – how can creators deliver authentic content that still aligns with team/org goals and media messaging

10:42:36 From Bec : Interested if people struggle with getting content ideas through Senior Management who may not grasp how important the digital landscape is?

10:43:35 From Jarrod Potter : 100% Bec. We have a few managers in our executive who aren’t digitally savvy and continue to think we’re just a “playground” and a novelty department. We try to provide strong justification for why it works.

10:43:41 From Felix Koehler : A lot of our clients come to us with an idea first without thinking about budgets (because they mostly don’t know how much our products cost), so we provide the approaches first and then we talk about budget in the second or third step

10:47:54 From Sophie Hornsey : Thanks Sean, I’ve got to head to another meeting but see you at the next zoom call!

10:53:28 From Akhil Bhaskar : Thank you Sean. I have to rush out. Good to see you all in the call. Have a great day!

10:55:44 From Mitch Siwek : Ive been watching Tottenham hotspurs doco

10:55:55 From Jarrod Potter : got to jump off for another meeting – bye everyone and thanks!

10:56:40 From Hannah Bayly : Would love if we could touch on volunteers/workforce as content consumers in next week too – hoping to get some ideas

10:56:42 From nick holland : Thanks Sean

10:57:27 From Travis Crothers : Thanks all, got another call. Have a great week!

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