Traditional print media (even in it's digital forms) has struggled in how to report what is going on in the Twittersphere.

Most media outlets like the convenience of quote athletes & celebrities tweets without informing the general public the Twitter handle (or @username if you're new to Twitter) of the person quoted.

Unfortunately, the Herald Sun correctly identified Collingwood players on Twitter in a recent article but got a poor reaction from the players & fans.

Why?  I'll show you what happened on Twitter…

On Twitter – Pies having fun

Here is what happened on Twitter (Thanks to @CollingwoodFC List for official Collingwood accounts)

Start at the bottom of the image below to follow the conversation as it happened on Twitter.

Herald Sun report – Twitter War

Here is what @SuperFooty reported via a tweet under the headline – Collingwood players in Twitter war of words

Collingwood players @SP_10, @harry_o, @Maxy_5 in war of words on Twitter. See all the tweets here Dec 14 00:18:53 via Brizzly

Players reaction

Focused on being boring and no fun with @SP_10 on twitter from now on in case certain media outlets try & turn what we say into stories!Tue Dec 14 06:48:41 via Twitter for iPhone

hey @superfooty i would like you to say that your headline sucked…can you please do that..Love Heritier O'BrienTue Dec 14 09:10:06 via web

@superfooty @sp_10 @harry_o I thought Aussies were supposed to have a sense of humor? Obviously missing one in at @superfooty .Hilarious!Tue Dec 14 01:34:56 via Twitter for iPhone

Fan reaction

Firstly look at the traffic & responses @Superfooty got from the tweet.

A quick check using Twitter Search can find out a few (NSFW) tweets with fans response to the article.

The @SuperFooty team did respond to Nick Maxwell but not their tweeps.

@maxy_5 We know it's all harmless fun, but we love it. Keep it up. And we're not taking sides @harry_oTue Dec 14 02:05:47 via Brizzly

Sports Geek's Twitter Rules for Sports Media

  1. Not every tweet is a story but pointing out to your readers the where you find the best tweets is a good start.
  2. Get the quotes right and quote Twitter handles correctly. Remember, athletes can now set record straight via Twitter.
  3. Give them some context.  Time lines are very important, move tweets out of sync and they have different meaning.
  4. Be prepared to engage your fan base, especially if you get it wrong.
  5. Follow @warne888 he will provide you with more than enough material 😉

What do you think? How should news outlets report tweets?