Just an example of content going viral from the SWFL, a high-school basketball league in Florida.  They posted this remarkable footage of a high-school basketballer tossing a referee on YouTube.  YouTube is a great tool to build awareness around your brand, especially if you can grab some viral success.

With over 300k views and national coverage on Huffington Post & ESPN their small community brand just got a lot of buzz.

Not the best image of their league but it shows how the crowd decides what goes viral.  It is very difficult to manufacture those numbers for a single campaign but it demonstrates if you keep providing content you may get lucky once in a while.

It definitely took the SWFL guys by surprise…

Insane how this story has taken off nationally, currently #12 most viewed vid on Youtube allday (334K views) http://youtu.be/AgxjZIN2PAEThu Dec 16 07:27:37 via TweetDeck

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