This week’s Harf Time segment looked a new tool Tint and a site called Thuzio.

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What is Tint? It is a social media aggregation product that can show off you Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in one place, like below.

Or check out how the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Adelaide Crows have added Tints to their websites, ours will now live here


A good post on Grantland highlighted Tiki Barber's new site Thuzio to offer sports fans access to former sports stars.

Would you like a phone call from a past great or a game of pickup with Gary Payton?

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Podcast transcription

Harf: Time to get digital on Harf Time, sports digital media guru from Sports Geek HQ Sean Callanan is back in the studio after gallivanting around the country. Hello, Sean.

Sean: Good day Harf, how are you doing?

Harf: Got your Magic Johnson basketball t-shirt on tonight?

Sean: I have. Kareem’s in the wash. For those who know Fletch.

Harf: Hey, what’s the topic for today?

Sean: A few things for sure. I’m going to point out a cool little new tool that we found. I was speaking to a guy who was in San Francisco. Do you know what pivoting is?

Harf: Yeah, when you stand up on one leg and rotate the other one around.

Sean: Yeah, potentially maybe in basketball, but when you’re talking about technology companies, it’s when you build something and it’s not quite working and you thought you were there and you go, ‘what do we do?’ So effectively pivoting is when you change directions, like on a basketball court but you change the direction of the company and decide to be something else with the technology you’ve got. So these guys were high maximum and it was kind of like this bookmark, sharing type of thing and it wasn’t quite there and wasn’t sure how to use it and so they pivoted to become Tint and you go to and it’s a social media aggregator. So you can pull in your Facebook feed and your Twitter feed and just show it in a nice, flowing action of tweets and images. It’s a nice way to show off the different platforms you might be on and you might have Facebook friends that don’t quite understand Twitter and this might be a nice, easy way to say, ‘Ah, look. There’s all that different content that they’re showing on Twitter. Maybe I should jump on this Twitter thing and check it out.’ If you go to and click at the social page at the menu there, you can see all of my tweets that I’ve been sharing from @SeanCallanan and @SportsGeek and you can see the Instagrams from last week at the Wildcats game, you can see the Facebook posts coming in. It’s all in one feed so you can sort of just see what’s going on here. It’s a good option for teams, clubs, even local clubs that have got their website and they want to integrate their social loop, you can go to and load it up and go from there.

Harf: Is that the only format you can do that? Is that the only application?

Sean: There are others that are out there but they are at varying price levels. This one, they’ve just gone and said, ‘Hey look, we’re just going to give it away to everyone.’ Try to go mass market and you can get a free one with two channels for nothing and then for like 20 bucks a month, you can pull in five or six different channels for a relatively small price of 40 bucks, you can have all your social surfing included in your website. So it’s a nice little thing. So you can see there all your tweets and stuff and as I was just saying, you can see that tweet on Thuzio.

Harf: Yeah, I did pay particular attention to all the symbols of this.

Sean: It does look a little bit like Pat Cash.

Harf: Pat Cash, that’s where I was going!

Sean: Brand recognition?

Harf: That’s why I was wondering what Thuzio was.

Sean: Thuzio is a company start up by Tiki Barber who was a running back for the New York Giants. Effectively, it’s a way to book former athletes to do stuff.

Harf: Can he mow my lawn?

Sean: Yeah, no one’s offered that as of yet, but the options are they could. So you can book, and we were going through it before, the one that they highlighted was Cedric Ceballos who won a slam dunk title in the 90’s with a blindfold. So you can book him for a coaching appearance or come to your corporate event and speak, or for 99 bucks he’ll talk to you for ten minutes on the phone. For 99 dollars, Cedric will call you up and you’ll have a chat. Yeah, so I’m not quite sure…

Harf: They’re doing phone calls these days?

Sean: Yes. Gary Payton who’s a future hall of famer, for two and a half grand, you can have him on your pick up team. You can be in the gym, picking the guys and be like, ‘Oh I’m going to have Gary.’ ‘Gary who?’ ‘Oh, Gary Payton.’ You pay two and a half grand.

Harf: We’ll take him.

Sean: Yeah, so it does make sense from a point of view of speaking engagements and booking people for supporters and those kinds of things but there are a few strange ones.

Harf: What would you say to Cedric, by the way, if he called you?
Sean: What happens if he calls you and he doesn’t get you? Does he leave a message? Do you pay
for the voicemail? Like it’s surprising that there’s not have Gary Payton do your voicemail for you. ‘Good day, this is Gary Payton here. Sean’s not at the phone right now, leave a message.’

Harf: ‘Looking out for Sean, because it’s my thing.’

Sean: Yeah, and what’s that? 75 dollars. 75 bucks, I’d get someone to do that.

Harf: I’d love know, let’s do a poll . Would you like to have a former star athlete as your voice mail message?

Sean: Yes.

Harf: Would you pay for that?

Sean: I would pay for Chevy Chase to do my voice mail. ‘Sorry, Sean’s not here. 6569 with the afro.’ That sort of thing. Yeah, that’s an interesting aside but it is interesting to go through and see Vince Capaldi, you can book time with him. He’d be a great someone to chat to. There are a lot of different ones there, but there’s a really good Grantland article going on. You should be able to buy time with John Starks to talk about Reggie Miller because that’s worth money. But he probably doesn’t want to talk about Reggie Miller because Reggie Miller killed him in the playoffs every time.

Harf: But that’s more of a reason you want to hear from him.

Sean: Exactly, that would be a premium product.

Harf: That’d be a great product. Check it out ‘Thuzio’ in your local Google search engine and find out a lot more. If you want to work with you?

Sean: Yeah, Sports Geek DI, the internship program is back open so check out the careers section on Sports Geek HQ.

Harf: Thank you mate.

Sean: No worries mate.