Sports Geek business cardsThose who have met me at a networking event like Tweetup Mellers or Melbourne Entrepreneurs may have been “lucky” to get one of my Sports Geek business cards.  For those I have not met, you will when we do, but I better now describe them.

Being Sports Geek I have been a sports fan all my life, I ran a successful sports card trading store when trading cards were big business in the 90s (in Melbourne, still is big business in the USA).   I have collected a few over the years, although I do wish I bought a Michael Jordan Rookie Card 15 years ago now worth $650US.

So when I started Sports Geek I decided to put my trading card collection to good use as business cards.  I have seen contacts trading them after I've handed them over. “Aww, I got Phil Smyth and you got Charles Barkley, that's not fair” was the call and the trade happened.  Additionally I've seen people excited getting a player from their team which makes for a great start to the conversation.

However, to explain the headline I got a call today that floored me, someone found one of my cards and called me to ask if I wanted it back!  They found it on the floor at a coffee shop and assumed that the stickers were to ensure my cards would not get lost.  I explained that it was OK she could keep it but I do know who I gave that card to and will be in touch soon as I know he no longer has my details.