With the 2013 NBA Draft less than 48 hours away, here is a look at some of the interesting activations from teams ahead of the big night at the Barclays Centre, New York.

Pick 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers (#CavsDraft)

Draft coverage in American sports teams is always impressive. In preparation for the big night, the Cavs have put forward a sharp Draft page where fans can get all the relevant information they need to be informed and take part in the Draft festivities. The choice to showcase their recent high picks Kyrie Irving, Tristain Thompson, Dion Waiters, & Tyler Zeller is effective in getting people excited about the event as it focuses on the future of the team, rather than the current poor results. The Cavs' Draft page serves as a great reference point for fans to help combat the wave of information that Immediately, fans can see the #CavsDraft hashtag, links to the team's social media platforms and a list of the teams's top four picks, while a countdown clock always adds to the occasion.

Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Homepage - Header

Fans can get even more involved with free tickets to the Cavaliers Draft Party, and Draft Sweepstakes which encourage fans to share photos on Twitter or Instagram with the #1 represented. Winning fans have the chance to see the Cavaliers' Draft press conference in person.

Cleveland Cavaliers Sweepstakes

Pick 2 – Orlando Magic (#MagicDraft)

Pushing the slogan ‘Next Season Starts Now,' the Magic have promoted their Draft Party via their website and social media. To encourage fans to RSVP to the event, the Magic were offering a 10% discount on food and beverage orders. They also saw a chance to promote season tickets for 2013-14 by incorporating merchandise signed by the team's first draft pick. In the lead-up to the event, feature writer for the team John Denton, has been going back to see which players would end up where if each draft of the last ten years was redone.

Orlando Magic - Draft Party Info

Pick 5 – Phoenix Suns (#SunsDraft)

As has been done for other teams, writers for the Suns' Draft page have undertaken mock drafts to try and give fans an idea of who to expect in the orange and purple next season. From there, prospective picks have been featured and profiled, and fans have the opportunity to tweet in to offer opinion and show support using the #SunsDraft hashtag, as well as browse galleries from previous drafts.

Phoenix Suns - Draft Prospects

Phoenix Suns - Social Stream & Galleries

Pick 9 – Minnesota Timberwolves (#WolvesDraft)

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Day Coverage

In addition to featuring draft profiles, interviews and video of workout sessions, the T-Wolves will also host their own Draft party. For those unable to attend the Party in person, the team will again host Wolves Draft Live 2013 which has been a successful way of interacting with fans since it's debut in 2010 (not forgetting 2011 when Sean was part of the coverage  (video) with Digital Cheer Squad, then Sports DP). According to the website:

Wolves Draft Live 2013, hosted by Timberwolves.com editor/writer Mark Remme and Timberwolves radio studio host John Focke, will feature an information-packed show focusing on the Wolves' two first-round draft picks and providing a live look into the Wolves Draft Room throughout the night. Remme and Focke will answer questions from fans that are submitted via timberwolves.com, Twitter (@MNTimberwolves) and Cover It Live. They will also welcome on media guests, show the top videos from the 2012-13 season and get fan react ion to the draft picks from those attending the draft party.

Pick 10 – Portland Trailblazers (#RipCityDraft)

The Trailblazers' 2013 Draft coverage is nothing short of impressive. On top of hosting an array of draft-related articles, photos and videos for fan consumption, the team are breaking down Draft stats big time. Using 61 mock drafts from around the web, Portland have complied a consensus list of who is mostly likely to go at picks #1, #2, #3 and the all important #10, according to the wider NBA community. A heat map shows where Trailblazer fans are physically tweeting about the #RipCityDraft on Twitter, while a fans are also being asked that age-old draft question: Should we trade a top ten pick?

Portland Trailblazers - Mock Draft ConsensusPortland Trailblazers - #RipCity Draft MapPortland Trailblazers - Draft Poll   

So there you have it – some great ways that teams and sponsors can get active and get involved in Draft day coverage!