In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Wednesday 14th May 2014


What @SportsGeek reads….

Why the NFL draft delivers

The World's Most Valuable Soccer Teams

YouTube vs. Facebook: Why only one of these still has an audience

Mapping Basketball Nation where NBA fans are in USA according to Zuck

How many group tickets are you leaving on the table?

Twitter's not growing fast enough, why PR pros should care

Why MLB Teams put so many eggs in the Facebook Basket

Snapchat grows up, adds text messaging and video conferencing

Here is how Twitter is promoting Twitter in India – “Discover Cricket on Twitter”

Infographic Friday: The Sabres Plan

How to media hack your startup to awareness

Barcelona’s tribute to Tito Vilanova (I am in the photo above it)

Thanks for the BBB podcast mention, Wil Anderson!

Funny take on Batman Vs. Superman

Want to know more about public speaking?

Unplanned surprise seeing F1 cars in Monaco