In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Wednesday 5th March 2014

What @SportsGeek reads…

Oscar Ugaz chats about his time at Real Madrid on Sports Geek Podcast

Great read by Mark Cuban “My 2 cents on sports marketing and what I learnt from SMU basketball this week”

Twitter's user growth is tapering off, should they be worried?

NRL promote digital pass with 70s rock

Sports Leagues form digital super team to challenge

Whoops! Cardinals tell their players to use social media the right way

Heineken is turning to Foursquare to target US fans of European football

What happens to our brains when we exercise and how it makes us happier

David Morris appears on Beers, Blokes & Business, subscribe on iTunesThe first Samsung wearable has a legitimate chance of catching on

David Morris, Sochi Silver Medalist, chats with the Blokes

Apple investigating mood based ad delivery system

Facebook ad targeting to include location, demographic, interests, off-site behaviour

Squat a 30, ride for free

Ellen DeGeneres breaks Twitter with first tweet to be retweeted over 1M+ times

So you want to be an eBay millionaire?