Rose BowlSeth Godin recently blogged about “Embracing lifetime value“.  Seth talks about costs businesses are willing to bear to secure a new customer and the perspective lifetime value can give on deciding on those costs.

Determining lifetime value of a sports fan can give a sporting organisation greater understanding on where to apply their marketing efforts.

For example here might be a profile of a average sports fan:

  • Season tickets (potentially for a family) $600
  • Merchandise purchases $250
  • Concessions (food & drink) $400
  • Fan events $250

That's around $1500 per year, now if that fan stays on board for 10 years that is $15,000.

The next question sports marketers face is which fans to focus on?  Reduce churn and keep existing fans or recruit new fans to your team.

A fine balance between the two is needed, but understanding what the lifetime value of your fans is helps you target the “right” fans.

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Photo Credit Todd Huffman