Just a quick post to understand the importance of branding your events.  With so many channels available sometimes fundamentals of event branding can get lost.

Effective use of team's logos and colour is crucial to your event.  Your fans display their affiliation and pride in your team by wearing your logos & merchandise.  BUILD ON THAT!

Any venue can quickly become “home-ground territory” which your fans will love to soak up.

Additionally connect your event with your online fans using hashtags like #jetsrally.  Extending your event branding to your online platforms helps your fans to show support for your event.  What you will find is fans will be engaged online both at the event and away from the event (at home or on the move).

Take a look what the NY Jets did on a very large scale with their Jets Championship Rally held in Times Square before their big game against the Chargers earlier this year when I was in New York on #SportsGeekTrip.  Not only were the fans excited about the upcoming game (which they lost unfortunately) but when all the billboards started to change to Jets green the energy in Times Square was magnified.  You could say the fans loved the branding of the event as they tore down the sponsor signs (as pictured above) and walked back to the subway with them, then again that may be Jets fans 😉

What have been the non-game sports events you've been to?  What made them special?

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