In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Wednesday 11th June 2014

Christine Stoffel founder of SEAT ConferenceWhat @SportsGeek reads…..

Social Media is set to be the advertising winner at the Brazil World Cup

Facebook, fans and footy: How relevant is your club?

Twitter: Sports media's useful, entertaining and unhealthy obsession

Major League Baseball new expertise: Making vines

Twitter and the World Cup: The social media platform's summer approach

10 things newbies need to know about the Sports CRM World

Short sighted tweeting from Gatorade – nice analysis Russell Scibetti

Bernie Ecclestone dismisses F1 TV decline and social media calls

Thanks for nothing – damning article on Google+ missteps

“Beats by Dre” – The game before the game

This is the Greatest Australian love story of all time (on Twitter)