In case you missed it – Reprint of Sports Geek News – Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Peter Robert Casey wants you to track your stadium journey

All 5 Boston sports teams send the same heartwarming tweet at the same time

Thinking of fans as customers: Australian Rugby Union's data journey

The best sports deal ever – Spirits of St Louis finally cash out

NRL clubs set new membership records

Phishers hijack EA sports Twitter to steal user details

AT&T's DAS & Wi-Fi network traffic for Final Four hits multiple Terabit levels

Should Twitter or its investors care about all the people who never tweet?

How wearable technology will change sports

Melbourne wins top sports city gong

A major shift in podcast consumption

Can trading cards shift to digital?

Amazon paying its staff to quit – interesting approach

Pharrell sobs tears of joy while watching the world dance to “Happy” (video)