The NFL Schedule release videos are out and the sports and digital community are talking about it. In the past years, we have seen how each team has exhibited their creativity in using videos, animation and interactive materials like downloads and prints to announce their season schedule. See last year's announcement on Twitter and how they have promoted their videos on Facebook in 2017.

This year, we look at how the teams' digital media evolved and used their creativity and innovation to the extreme to create fan-engaging schedule release videos on their respective Twitter accounts. We ranked the videos according to the ones we think worked the most. Who's your top favourite?

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Los Angeles Chargers

While using stock footage is unlikely, this one did work for the Chargers

Atlanta Falcons

Love the Game of Thrones theme though they are not the only one to use it, the Falcons did a great job with the stadium effects

Carolina Panthers

Takes us back to the time when SEGA was the popular video game

Green Bay Packers

Old school video games are quite fun. You can't go wrong with PACMAN

Houston Texans

The second of the Game of Thrones themed vidoes. While the stadium features were nice, the game days were not so clear at first.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Their ‘As Seen on TV' theme is quite funny

Washington Redskins

And the third GOT-themed video. While it's also good, the first two just had better lighting effects

Baltimore Ravens

Classic tv – this will surely make you reminisce the early football days

Seattle Seahawks

Looks like a mobile app you'd want to play.  Plus, the Pizza Hut for BYE week was cool

Pittsburgh Steelers

Nice trip to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood but we just hoped the schedules were in order

Buffalo Bills

Taking us back to the present with this Tinder-style video. Would you swipe right or swipe left?

Minnesota Vikings

Liked the Haiku  style announcement

New York Jets

The classic video game style just really works

Indianapolis Colts

Simple yet effective. See how a big player can make an impact while just sitting down

Philadelphia Eagles

Liked the FB/Instagram story style and having their famous fans read the schedule was cool

Tennessee Titans

A trip down the country side with Dolly Parton and friends was cool

New York Giants

Tracy Morgan's presence was enough for this to work on socials

Cincinnati Bengals

Liked the idea of the mascot roaming around

Chicago Bears

The Bears' throwback clips gave this vid justice

Arizona Cardinals

Good editing and adding Josh Rosen to the first version did work

Cleveland Browns

Good creative on using the office space and fax machine

Los Angeles Rams

Cool idea with a war room setup. Liked the players' banters. We just hoped the voice announcing the schedule was louder.

Detroit Lions

The first version didn't quite go well but they've made up for it on this second release

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‏

Yes to the funky music and city lights

Kansas City Chiefs

Liked the timeline-style video with some of their best highlights over the past 60 years

New England Patriots

The dub style was kind of fun somehow

Denver Broncos

Broncos kept it nice and simple

Miami Dolphins

Well executed but we wish it could have been more creative

New Orleans Saints

Liked the crisp graphics and sounds

Oakland Raiders

The schedules weren't so clear though

Dallas Cowboys

It was a just little weird

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers did not release a video but went for a wallpaper downloadable instead

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