Zoomph is a platform for Social Audience Intelligence and Sponsorship Measurement and Evaluation. Whether it’s new, active, or past, Zoomph will help you understand your audience. Big or small, it’s important to know your brand’s target market. Let Zoomph’s platform dig into your audience and give you the insights you need.

Zoomph is the go-to platform for social media analytics, measurement and valuation for the sports industry. They have a deep understanding of social media platforms and content that attracts fans attention and engagement.

In this Sports Geek Amplify episode, Amir Zonozi from Zoomph dives deep with Sean on how digital campaigns can deliver big returns for sponsors once you know more about what works for your fans.   Be sure to check out the great offer for Sports Geek Amplify listeners.

There's a reason why Disney and Netflix are fighting over the content. Rightsholders and properties need to be thinking about their content in the exact same way. They need to make sure that they're monetising it correctly.  It has to be fair for both sides, that's where Zoomph fits in.  You're able to provide that engagement and entertainment in that value in front of their target audience, it's a home run.

Amir Zonozi, Zoomph
Amir Zonozi, Zoomph on Sports Geek Amplify

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