At Sports Geek, we started with the motto “Connecting sports, fans & sponsors using technology” we’ve been lucky to work with leagues, teams & athletes over the past 10 years leveraging digital to make that happen.

The COVID-19 crisis presents a huge opportunity for further digital transformation in sports as teams need to connect, understand and engage fans both now and when sports do return.

In the Sports Geek Amplify series, we want to profile sports technology solutions that will help sports solve current problems and develop new and innovative ways for sports to drive data and revenue outcomes for the sports industry.

We will accomplish this through a podcast-led marketing accelerator led by Sean Callanan. The marketing accelerator will propel the Sports Geek Amplify companies into the sports business conversation across Sports Geek and your channels, plus the entire cohort's digital channels.

The Sports Geek Amplify series will be released all at once and then amplified over a 3-month campaign to move the sports business conversation toward longer-term solutions across the cohort companies that will help underpin the future of sports.

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